Wikimedia Australia/Meeting 4/Summary

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  • Incorporated association looking like the way to go.
  • Need explanation of what an incorporated association is, probably on OrgGroup page.
  • Victoria won't let us have online meetings, NSW says "yes" then "maybe", need to make sure.

Consensus decision making[edit]

  • Mostly held off until newhoggy can fully discuss, but agreement is that it looks ok, although we will need to get a legal opinion on whether we can use it.

General meetings[edit]

  • To be run in a moderated IRC room.


  • Keep them informal for now - having them as legal entities would be too difficult, and cause too many problems.

Finalisation of documents[edit]

  • Mission Statement is mostly fine now.
  • Need to merge two versions of Draft Constitution (original and consensus version) ASAP. Then, let any changes develop through natural discussion.
  • Documents can be finalised closer to incorporation.

Trademark agreement with Foundation[edit]

  • Need to have an actual group to sign agreement, but shouldn't wait for incorporation.
  • Need to speak to Chapters Committee to get their OK on incorporating as Wikimedia Australia.
  • Also need to double-check specific requirements for being an official chapter (Chapters FAQ needs updating)

Planned incorporation date[edit]

  • Too early to say, but looking at October as a target.

Membership structure / Election procedure[edit]

  • Should only let ordinary members vote (junior members disallowed by law, corporate members more of a revenue source)
  • Need a meeting of the Organisation Group to confirm what we need legally vs what is best for us

Separate wiki?[edit]

  • No, Meta is fine for now.

Next meeting[edit]

  • Top priority is to get Organisation Group and Education Committee meeting in next couple of weeks.
  • Next general meeting TBA, after these. See Wikimedia Australia/Meeting 5.