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Wikimedia Blog/Calendar/2014/03

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March 2014[edit]

March 3−March 9[edit]

March 3
  • [Global] Insight into WMDE operations, plans and impact (Arjuna Rao Chavala. Reviewed by Carlos). Posted.
March 4
  • [Global] Indian Wikimedia community coordinates Women's History Month. (Netha, Jeph. Reviewed by Carlos). Posted.
March 7
ca Friday, March 7

March 10−March 16[edit]

ca. Monday, March 10
ca. Tuesday, March 11
ca. Wednesday, March 12
Thursday, March 13
Friday, March 14

March 17−March 23[edit]

Monday, March 17
  • [Legal] Wikimedia-RU changes Russian Civil Code [Rubin. Posted by Carlos]. Posted.
Tuesday, March 18
Wednesday, March 19
Thursday, March 20
Friday, March 21

March 24−March 30[edit]

Tuesday, March 25
Wednesday, March 26
  • [Tech] Hovercards as Beta Feature (Vibha and Dan, reviewed by Guillaume). Posted.
Thursday, March 27
Friday, March 28
Saturday, March 29

March 31[edit]

Monday, March 31
ca. Monday, March 31