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Exploring a new city and not sure where to go to get an overview of what's in the area? Wikipedia's got you covered. With a phone and the new native Nearby feature on the Wikipedia app, you can instantly get information on all the landmarks and history surrounding you.

From the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong to the Boston Molasses Disaster, there is a wealth of information on Wikipedia. The Nearby feature on the Wikipedia app lets you pull up a list of the notable places, things, and events that shaped the area around you. Any geotagged Wikipedia article appears on this list, and a handy compass arrow helps you find the specific location you're looking for. You can tap to read the article or tap and hold to to pull up any item in your preferred map app.

Nearby is available on the official Wikipedia app for Android and iOS. Check it out and learn more about the weird and wonderful world around you!


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