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Tentative title: Brede Værk project[edit]

In late April and early May, the three-week Brede Værk project ran on the Danish-language Wikipedia. Students from Ørestad Gymnasium and Det frie Gymnasium wrote articles about the industrialisation in Denmark, based on materials from Brede Værk, which is part of the National Museum. The project first appeared on the radar of Wikimedia Danmark in July 2010, so things do not always move as fast as we would love them to.

The project began with the students going on a field trip to Brede Værk, where they were given introductions to the subjects, to Brede Værk and to Wikipedia. The students, working in groups, were assigned sandboxes to allow them to create their own articles with minimal interference, and on May 13th, we concluded the project with a session at Ørestad Gymnasium, going through the articles and "promoting" the three articles that were ready for it to the main namespace. The next day, one more was "promoted", while another was merged into a pre-existing article. One needs to be merged with an article that a group of students created when they tried to avoid damaging another group's work.

The three-week process has been frustrating (generally in a good way), but apparently the fear of changing someone else's text is something we need to work on.

We plan to have more collaboration with the gymnasiums and the museum in the autumn.