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GSoC OPW fake title


Rachel (Boston) - Browser testing automation[edit]

I will be doing my internship on browser test automation with the Wikimedia QA Group working on automating the new VisualEditor feature for QA. Feedback is always appreciated. I live outside of Boston, MA in the EDT time zone, with my husband and our 2 children.

Praveen (New Delhi) - jQuery.IME extensions for Firefox and Chrome[edit]

"While not working or studying, I spend my time playing or watching football. Upon successful completion of this project, users would be able to use these multilingual input methods on any webpage. I am looking forward to this project, since it would be my first major open source contribution."

Rohan (Canberra) - Moodle extension[edit]

I spend most of my time either working, cooking or playing dota 2. For exercise I love swimming and badminton. This extension to include Moodle information is going to allow MediaWiki to display information gathered from Moodle's webservice API.

Aarti (Roorkee) - Refactoring of Proofread Page Extension[edit]

I got interested in programming in my high school and in FOSS in my freshman year. Through this project I expect to enhance experience of Wikisource, both for the developers and the users. Once refactoring is over it would be easy for developers to add more features to this extension.

Anubhav (Delhi) - Bayesian Spam Filter[edit]

This project is my first opportunity to bond with an open source organization. I am keenly interested in machine learning and data mining, that is why chose this project. I am very dedicated in what I do, and I hope this project would help a lot in enhancing my skills and learning new things.

Harsh (Ahmedabad) - Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard[edit]

I am FOSS enthusiast. Active editor in Gujarati Wikipedia and now MediaWIki Developer. I'm also active community member at Google Developer Group Ahmedabad, promoter of MediaWIki Group Ahmedabad and developer of TwitterCards Extension.

Himeshi (Colombo) - Section handling in Semantic Forms[edit]

Accomplishing my project would mean that administrators can define a full page structure which includes page sections and use forms to enforce it in the Semantic Forms extension. When I'm not studying or working on a project I enjoy playing chess and writing. I work as a volunteer article writer for a couple of non-profit organizations as well.

Jiabao (Australia) - Math plugin for VisualEditor[edit]

A course introduced me to the FOSS world and boosted my huge enthusiasm in contributing to it. I also volunteer for Australian Heart Foundation and I love playing badminton, guitar and Dota 2. my project is aiming to help users who don't know wikitext to create content containing math equation.

Kiran (Kerala) - Incremental updates for Kiwix[edit]

My work is to improve upon the openZIM project, which is going to affect millions of people with less means ! Excited.

Molly (Boston) - Book management[edit]

I have been contributing content to Wikimedia for six years now, and am about to begin contributing code! I will be working on a project to benefit wikis that contain content that is more suited to a "book" format than the standard article structure, like Wikisource and Wikibooks.

Moriel (New York) - Right-to-Left support for Visual Editor[edit]

I'm a Physicist-turned-Computer Scientist from New York (originally Israel). I'm a firm believer in free access and open source tools. My project will focus on providing better RTL Support in VisualEditor. I am hoping to get more community feedback from the hebrew Wikipedia.

Nazmul (Brooklyn) - Book upload customization[edit]

I am interested in machine learning and data mining. Working on making the UploadWizard more contributor friendly, ie. dynamic template generation(allowing support more file types), pre-filling some known info

Nilesh (Kolkata) - Wikidata entity suggester[edit]

I love working with big data, machine learning, recommendation engines, and web development. While creating a new item in Wikidata one has to spend a considerable amount of time on finding the relevant properties and their corresponding values. The Entity Suggester is meant to make this task easier.

Or (Tel Aviv) - Android app for MediaWiki translation[edit]

I’m a student of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and my first name sounds like a logical operator. I’m familiar with Wikimedia and translatewiki since my final project at the university: translatewiki iOS application. Naturally, I see this project as a direct continuation and perfect completion of my work.

Petr (Prague) - Incremental data dumps[edit]

For some time, I have been interested in some of the more technical aspects of Wikipedia and especially working with its data. A consequence of this is my bachelor thesis (a library for accessing the MediaWiki API from C#) and the GSoC project (making Wikimedia dumps incremental).

Pragun (Gurgaon) - Mobilize Wikidata[edit]

I think about technology, cars, the universe, Marvin (the one with a brain the size of a planet), travel and food. I hope to learn a lot more about how it is to work with a truly international organization and how hard/easy it is to work with a team remotely!

Rahul (Ahmedabad) - Pronunciation recording extension[edit]

"I am new to the world of open-source programming and have been learning the trades! Inquisitiveness is what drives me. Every bug that I fixed, every page that I read has taught me something new. I plan on implementing a user friendly interface that helps people to record pronunciations for Wiktionary."

Richa (Roorkee) - Prototyping inline comments[edit]

"My job is to create a prototype for an inline commenting system where a user after landing to a wiki article can make useful comments on some part of the text and other users can optionally reply to it."

Tongbo (Beijing) - Source code plugin for VisualEditor[edit]

"I love building stuff with my own hands so programming is a fairly rewarding activity to me, especially when the code finally works. When I don't feel like coding I hop into graphic design and 3D programs to switch mind for a bit. My project aims to provide some basic features that are mostly seen in IDEs."

Yevheniy (Chernihiv) - Improvement of Glossary tools[edit]

"Presently there are two extensions for handling glossaries in MediaWiki: Lingo and Semantic Glossary. This project is aimed to remove bugs and improve the functionality of both." -->