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Listen to Wikipedia


Screen shot from Listen to Wikipedia website

Listen to Wikipedia is a visual and audio illustration of live editing activity on Wikipedia. Tune your headphones or speakers accordingly and enjoy the sound of people writing the free online encyclopedia.

Listen to Wikipedia creates sounds and circles based on a real-time feed of contributions to Wikipedia articles. The pitch of the note corresponds to the size of the edit — a bigger change makes a deeper note and a larger circle. A bell indicates when content is added to the encyclopedia and a string sound indicates when content is removed. Edits by unregistered contributors are marked with green circles and edits by automated bots are marked with purple circles. Occasionally, you may hear a chord welcoming the newest user who registers and joins the project.

Go ahead, make some noise by editing Wikipedia!

This project is a follow up to the Recent Changes Map visualization, which displays edits by unregistered users around the world. Both the Recent Changes Map and Listen to Wikipedia are based on Wikipedia’s live public data feed. Source code and additional information about this project are available on github. Listen to Wikipedia was inspired by and partially based on Listen to Bitcoin by Maximillian Laumeister.

Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi