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  • Maithili Wikimedians efforts for Maithili Wikipedia
  • Maithili Wikipedia Goes Outreach
  • Maithili Wikimedians turned to Outreach
  • Maithili Wikimedians step forward to Wiki Education Programs


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  • Maithili Wikimedians are moving ahead with their plans and ideas, effort for abetting a small Maithili Wikipedia community to make medium large community. As, they are proceeding with wiki education programs as well online and offline edit-a-thons.


Wikitraining in Caliber International College. Image by Bijay chaurasia, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0.
Wikitraining in World Vision Higher Secondary College. Image by Bijay chaurasia, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Maithili Wikimedians have no doubt that Wikipedia belongs in education— the more educators and authorities who know this the better. With the beginning of new year 2016, a significant step forward was made in the expansion of the Wikipedia Education Program in mid sized town of Eastern Nepal, Rajbiraj. The dedicated and affiliated user group Maithili Wikimedians warm welcomed a whole new region colleges and school level students into the Education Program: Rajbiraj, Saptari.

The workshops within this collaboration will be a training for tutors, students planned for end of the March 2016. Maithili Wikimedians of this training was discussed with Biplab Anand, Tulsi Bhagat, Bijay chaurasia, Zeetendra, Pankaj Deo, Kiran Sah & NilamKarn. The Wikipedia Education Program cannot be realized without teachers, profesors and linguists getting involved in editing Wikipedia, and Maithili Wikimedia User Group plans to provide as much training events as possible.

Maithili Wikimedians would be happy to see a rich collaboration with mid sized town of Eastern Nepal, and a lot of already ongoing projects and ideas can be implemented here. We plan to work with Wikipedia Education Program, organize regional events for Wikipedians from all over the eastern part of Nepal and we plan to initiate some preparatory work and engage students for workshops.

Biplab Anand and Tulsi Bhagat, Maithili Wikimedians


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