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Welcome to the Meta home page of the Wikimedia Blog. Run by the Wikimedia Foundation, the blog publishes announcements from the organization and news from around the Wikimedia movement. We are looking for intriguing post ideas from community members that will interest our readership, which is primarily from outside the movement. Ideally, your idea will bring a unique and unusual perspective to initiatives and happenings on Wikimedia projects from around the world, with an emphasis on high impact and public interest.

Προετοιμάζοντας μια ανάρτηση[edit]

Thank you for proposing a draft for the Wikimedia Blog. If you haven't already done so, please send an email to the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications team at Doing so allows us to make sure that our readership will find your post appealing and informative before we have to turn down a post that you have spent a significant amount of time on! For more information on this and items from translations to writing style, please see our guidelines.

Please provide one lead image
<i><small>CAPTIONGOESHERE. [[:commons:File:EXAMPLE.jpg|Photo]] by [[commons:User:EXAMPLE|Example]], freely licensed under [ CC BY-SA 4.0].</small></i>
Please provide at least one thumbnail image (limit of 3)
[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|300px|left|<i><small>CAPTIONGOESHERE. [[:commons:File:EXAMPLE.jpg|Photo]] by [[commons:User:EXAMPLE|Example]], freely licensed under [ CC BY-SA 4.0].</small></i>]]
Make sure to provide the correct licensing for each image.
  • Also, please sign your post and list your affiliation (e.g. "Armenian Wikipedia editor" or "Wikisource contributor" or "President, Wikimedia Sverige" etc)
  • Please be mindful of the posting guidelines.

Μετριασμός σχολίων[edit]

Τα σχόλια θα πρέπει (a) να είναι πάνω στο θέμα (b) να έχουν πολιτισμένο τόνο (c) να μην περιέχουν προσωπικές επιθέσεις. Στη παρούσα φάση (Αύγουστος 2014) όλα τα σχόλια δημοσιεύονται αμέσως — αφού εισάγουν ένα captcha - αλλά μπορεί να μετριαστούν μετά.


We welcome translations of articles for the blog and we often mark articles for translation and send out notifications to volunteer translators. If you prefer to do a first draft in a language other than English, please feel encouraged to do so, but please also include your best translation in English. We can always improve the English translation, but it is helpful to have it as a starting point.

Θέμα WordPress[edit]

The code for the current theme is mirrored on GitHub. Bugs can be filed on Phabricator. Direct pull requests on GitHub are welcome too, but need to be approved by the blog team and (in particular in case of PHP code changes) satisfy Automattic's rather strict code review standards. See also the internal technical documentation of the mirroring setup.

The code for the old (until July 2014) theme is still is available for download from the Wikimedia git repository.