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CEE Youth Group

CEE Youth Group — an initiative of the CEE Hub to informally connect young people (younger than 26 years old) from the Central and Eastern Europe across the region to support capacity building in this area. It is organised by CEE Hub coordinator Barbara Klen and SC member Klára Joklová.

The group was established in May 2023. We want to create a space for collaboration and sharing among young Wikimedians. For this reason, the Catch Up meeting held by CEE Hub and Wikimedia Foundation's Movement Communications regional specialist Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska on 16th May 2023 was also focused on young people in the region.


CEE Youth Group initiative is planned to have bi-monthly meetings, starting from August 2023, focusing on creating a new opportunities for young editors and Wikimedia members from the region.

Possible ideas/goals open for discussion will be:

  • organising an in-person event for young people from the CEE region during autumn 2023
  • involvement of the young people in the upcoming Wikimania conference in 2024 in Poland
  • better cooperation of young people in the CEE Region
  • possible involvement of the group into Wikivibrance network

How to participate?

Everyone younger than 26 years old from the CEE Region can be part of this group. Please fill out the form.


If you want to be in contact with our group, you can do that on following ways:

Supporting members and staff

CEE Hub Coordinator

xorvat, ingilis

Executive Director/Steering Committee member
Wikimedia Czech Republic/CEE Hub

ispan, ingilis
Klára Joklová (WMCZ)

Programme and Administrative support

makedon, ingilis

Education & Community Programmes Manager

çex, slovak, ingilis
Lucie Schubert (WMCZ)


List of current members of the CEE Youth Group:

Some members of the Wikimedia CEE Youth Group with CEE Hub staff, Klára Joklová and Lucie Schubert
Members of the CEE Youth Group
Nr. Name Username Country
1 Y. Caner Özyayıkçı Kurmanbek  Turkey
2 Tomáš V0lkanic  Czech Republic
3 Mari Avetisyan Մարի Ավետիսյան
Mari Avetisyan WMAM
4 Wikimedia CEE Hub/Youth Group/az/Name janbery  Czech Republic
5 Táda Bednarz Plánovací kalendář  Czech Republic
6 Valentyn Renvoy  Ukraine
7 Nikos Likomitros NikosLikomitros  Greece
8 Lan Glad Upwinxp  Slovenia
9 Toprak ToprakM  Turkey
10 Denis Smajlović Deni  Denmark
11 Kacper Szymański Jamnik z Tarnowa  Poland
12 Martin Urbanec Martin Urbanec  Czech Republic
13 Daryna  Ukraine
14 Ege Atacan Doğan Egezort  Turkey
15 Lumi Gufo46  Turkey
16 Hanne İsna Sevinç isnaaa  Turkey
17 Nino Turmanidze Nina1009  Georgia
18 Mia Lovrec The Yennefer  Croatia
19 Mariam Kvartskhava Marikuna-115  Georgia
20 Elbek Khabibullaev Элдин беги  Kyrgyzstan
21 Antony Fragakis AntonyFragakis  Greece
22 Marija Mihailova Macciiiiii  North Macedonia
23 Jan Myšák Jan Myšák  Czech Republic
24 Muzaffar Turgunov Muzaffar Turgunov  Uzbekistan
25 Nursultan Malik Nursultan B  Kazakhstan
26 Apostolos Balanos Χιονάκι  Greece
27 Nichita Onufriev Fenikals  Moldova
28 Ofelya Hakobyan Օֆելյա Հակոբյան  Armenia
29 - Nemoralis  Azerbaijan
30 Aykhan Zayedzadeh Solavirum  Azerbaijan
31 Aleksandar Aca  Serbia
32 Qurbonbek Joʻrayev Mirishkorlik  Uzbekistan

Working groups

Here you can find created working groups of the CEE Youth Group after the January 2024 meeting. If some other member wants to join them, please add yourself and notify the responsible CEE Hub members, if that is applicable.

Working groups Members from the group CEE Hub members
Wikimania 2024 youth program Nikos, Mari, Nichita, Caner, Mia, Marija Barbara, Klára
Project grant application Mari Barbara
Visual design Caner none
Game nights Mariam, Caner none
Communication (youth social networks/channels) Nikos, Janbery, Rina none
Contests Ege Toni

List of events

There is no scheduled a meeting for the next period.

Past meetings
Nr. Day Date Time Location Topic(s)
23/01 Cümə axşamı 3 avqust 2023 18:00 – 19:00 CEST Google Meet Introduction
23/02 Bazar ertəsi 28 avqust 2023 18:00 – 19:00 CEST Google Meet Preparation for the CEE Meeting 2023
23/03 Cümə 15 sentyabr 2023 18:00 – 19:30 CEST CEE Meeting 2023 + Google Meet Planning concrete activities for the upcoming months as well as the timeline.
23/04 Cümə 10 noyabr 2023 16:00 – 17:00 CET Google Meet Preparation meeting for Prague Meeting, new members introduction.
23/05 Cümə
24 noyabr 2023
25 noyabr 2023
17:00 – 19:00 CET
09:00 – 17:00 CET
Prague Meeting 2023 First in-person meeting.
24/01 Çərşənbə 17 yanvar 2024 18:00 – 19:00 CET Google Meet Youth Group in 2024, plans, goals, next steps.

Information for the upcoming meetings

Link about the upcoming online meetings of the CEE Youth Group is written below.

Link for the upcoming online meeting

Google Meet link for the upcoming online meetings

Video call link:


Regional projects

Articles by/about CEE Youth