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One of the ideas (Vassia | Spiritia) was the establishment of a (private?) Facebook group for mutual help and promotion among the editors in CEE Wikipedias, who are interested in things like:

  • Promoting their local Wikipedias, and Wikipedia in general, through non-wiki channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, other local social networks,
  • Organization of local and regional events, teaching, GLAM initiatives, etc.

The idea behind the FB group is:

  • Not to replace the need of mailing list, wiki page, etc.!
  • But to make some good use of this channel with its specific technical opportunities, and the access it gives to many readers/supporters of Wikipedia, who are not obligatory editors.
  • To help us exchange interesting/important wiki*edia-related regional information and news of organized events (say, cross-border excursions for generation of encyclopedic content), announcements (say, "Greece Week on Bulgarian Wikipedia"), successful GLAM projects and good practices, etc.
  • To help us promote good atmosphere of friendship, mutual respect, inspiration and cross-border cooperation. These are important not only for the inter-Wikipedian relations, but also on a higher, national and regional level.

if interested, please start with writing down what social media channels is your Wikipedia community maintaining for off-wiki promotion. Please add external links and basic info about that channel.

Whole CEE region[edit]




Bosnia & Herzegovina[edit]


  • Private Facebook group "Wikipedia in the social networks" - a very well operating group of the admins of the public FB group and public FB page (13 people all together), as well as people engaged in BG WP public relations, outreach, academia, GLAM. Used for discussions on the content published, statistics and patterns analysis, brainstormings on new ways to reach new people. This way of organizing was the actual reason to make this proposal.
  • Public Facebook group. Aimed at many-to-many communication, public discussions about a variety of aspects of Wikipedia, news, trends, etc. A broad range of topics like wiki software, open source, open hardware, Creative Commons, copyright laws and cases are also often discussed. As of 14:45, 8 August 2014 (UTC), it has 535 members.
  • Public Facebook page. Aimed at one-to-many communication, all page admins are requested to publish on the behalf of the Bulgarian Wikipedia. As of 14:45, 8 August 2014 (UTC) it has 1165 likes, about 5-7 posts a day, with about 100-200 seeings per post. The aim is to balance the posts between links to BG WP articles and "from the kitchen" news *about* Wikipedia (law cases, trends, project, community achievements, etc), but in general it is strictly focused on Wikimedia projects only.


Czech Republic[edit]