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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2015/Programme/Education/Possibilities for university cooperation: the Estonian example

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Ivo Kruusamägi / User:Kruusamägi
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Significant amount of human and financial resources are usually needed for achieving significant results. Estonian example about educational collaboration with universities, however, proves that great results can be achieved even with few volunteers and nearly non-existent finances.

Every academic year more than 500 articles on Estonian Wikipedia are created as part of local cooperation with universities. In addition there are content donations from universities and there is a special course about Wikipedia and open knowledge in general in University of Tartu. All this makes the Estonian wiki-collaboration with universities one of the biggest and most successful education programs in all Wikimedia movement.

There are 2 remarkable examples, that will be highlighted during the presentation, and future plans will be presented, that will show the wide range of ways for cooperation. The presentation will be about the past, the present and the future of the cooperation with universities in Estonia, providing interesting facts and strategies. It should serve as a fine example of possible ways for Wikipedia collaboration with universities. Collaboration even without substantial financial or human resources.

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More university cooperation in CEE region.

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30 min

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