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When Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) went global, the international team asked that the lists be built using row-templates, which allow for easy automated parsing and editing. They also created a set of scripts that would parse the lists and do certain operations like adding categories to images and creating lists of pages with various errors. However, I found the code to be both too complicated (requiring the use of a database) and not flexible enough, so I wrote my own. It needed to achieve the following:

  • be modular - due to the large number of pages, I had to be able to parse different namespaces and websites independently; I have one script for each task, the main ones glued together with a shell script; secondary scripts (like the one used to create articles) are independent
  • allow caching - parsing 60.000 images takes about 2 days; the results need to be reused as much as possible
  • be aware of local Infoboxes and other templates, as they can contain a great deal of information
  • allow external data imports with as little preparation as possible

As time went by, I realized that it would make sense to use the same scripts for other lists (for instance archeological sites). This meant the code needed to be even more generic and modular. I ended up with quite a large, but easy to understand configuration for each script. This means that the code can be now reused for almost all list that respects the WLM's structure with just a few minutes of configuration.

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Encourage other countries to develop their own code and stop depending on WLM's international team robots to do their work.

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20-25 min

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