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"Wikipedia for Peace" work camp[edit]

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Claudia Garád
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"Wikipedia for Peace" was a two-week project organised as a "workcamp" by Service Civil International (SCI) Austria as a pilot project in cooperation with Wikimedia Österreich. In the course of the project 15 people from different countries and language backgrounds came together in Vienna from August 14 until August 27, 2015 in order to edit Wikipedia articles about peace. Some of the participants were from the CEE region (e.g. Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria) and the SCI has local organizations in many of these countries. We would like to share our learnings from this year's event in order to get other Wikimedia organizations interested into cooperating with their local SCI volunteers in future to host further peace camps, edit-a-thons etc.
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Getting people interested in hosting a similar camp in their country
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15-30 mins
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Presentation on the Wikipedia for Peace Workcamp in Austria in the context of the CEE meeting 2015

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