Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017/Bids

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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017
Warsaw, Poland, September 22-25

As decided on the 28th of August 2016 at the Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2016 in Dilijan, Armenia, the Wikimedia CEE regional network will hold a bidding process in order to decide upon the location and host for meeting of 2017. This page is the platform on which the bidding process and relevant discussions will take place, as well as final resolution will be published on the 1st of October 2016.

Questions about bids and comments related to process in general are welcome on the talk page, where they will be answered by the bidders. Note that special time period from the 15th to 25th September 2016 is foreseen for community consultation and discussion!

Bidding time line
1st of September


Call for submissions

1st to 15th of September


Preparation of submissions

15th of September


23:59:59 (UTC)

Submission deadline

15th to 25th of September


Community consultation

25th to 30th of September


Committee discussions

1st of October



Committee (5)

Representatives of the past three CEE meeting hosts

Independent representatives


General criteria
  • Proposal must be supported by a recognised Wikimedia movement affiliate from the CEE region;
  • Proposed event location must be in the CEE region and have the support of the local affiliate (if not the same as point 1);
  • Main conference should take place over 3 days (participants arriving the day before the start of the conference and leaving on final day or day after the conference);
  • Event scope should be calculated expecting 2 participants per affiliate (approximately 30 organisation, plus other invited individuals and groups e.g. WMF (see 2016 participants for overview);
  • Venue, accommodation and other size and costs should account for some additional attendees with independent funding;
  • Venue should be able to host at least 2 parallel conference tracks with appropriate audio/visual support, as well as plenary events and breakout spaces. All of which, and including accommodation should have strong and stable wifi connectivity (if this is not supported by the venue, additional costs for technological support must be provided);
  • All agreed in-kind donations should be presented in the bid and indicate the market value of such donations.

Application 1: Warszawa[edit]

Wikimedia affiliate: Wikimedia Polska


Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw

When we proposed to host the 2017 CEE Meeting in Warsaw, we had two objectives in mind. Firstly, we aim for the conference to be as efficient and productive as possible. To that end, we chose a conference venue in which we can comfortably set up three simultaneous conference tracks. But even the most interesting conference would be a waste of time and resources, if its outcomes weren't shared with Wikimedians worldwide. To make this happen, documenting the sessions, sharing the experiences through social media, and providing audio and video streams for all members of the Wikimedia community belongs to our priorities in planning the conference.

Secondly, we believe that the community aspect of the conference is as important as a varied, well-planned programme. The venue offers ample space for attending Wikimedians to chat, hold mini-workshops and learn from each other. In order to foster such interactions we created a rich after-hours social programme, which will give the attendees a chance get to know each other, experience Warsaw's history and traditions, while at the same time showing them the best ongoing GLAM cooperation programs.

Primary contact person:[edit]

Tomasz Ganicz – User:Polimerek (chair of Wikimedia Polska)

Proposed event venue:[edit]

The main venue will is the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. This highly-acclaimed building houses not only one of Warsaw's most important museums, but also a dedicated conference centre, located on a separate floor. It offers all the needed infrastructure, including a fast WiFi connection, professional loudspeakers, flexible room arrangement and a large foyer we plan to use for catering and workshops.[1] The venue is also fully-accessible to people with disabilities.[2]

The venue is located in the centre of historical Muranów district of downtown Warsaw, a couple of minutes walk from metro, tramway and bus stops, and a 15 minute walk from the iconic Palace of Culture and Science.

Proposed accommodation venue:[edit]

A box for fast check-out in one of the hotels.

We have offers from 3 hotels located near the venue, but do not want to reveal their names publicly at the moment, as it might weaken our negotiating position with them in case we win the bid. We are ready to provide the detailed offers we got from the hotels to the bidding committee. The accommodation prices are at the moment calculated as the average of the hotel offers. All considered hotels are within 500 m. - 1 km. walking distance from the venue and offer double rooms with separate beds, breakfast and Wi-Fi in every room.

Expected total budget:[edit]

Total Cost 44,908.93 USD
WMPL and POLIN input 4,949.85 USD
Total Budget 39,959.07 USD

Proposed event dates:[edit]

  • September 22-25


POLIN Museum, fragment of Foyer view

What will the event be like if you are awarded the right to host it? Please describe your plan including the proposed duration, scale and any points of interest (such as social activities or innovations to the event format). Include any multimedia, external links, or description that you would like.

Concept and venue[edit]

Wikimedia Community celebration of 10 Polish Wikipedia Anniversary
  • The conference will be held at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews – a modern historical museum founded on the ideas of inclusion and collaboration between cultures. We hope this setting will contribute to the atmosphere of working together towards shared goals and supporting the standards and values of the Wikimedia community.
  • We aim for the conference program to concentrate on sessions dealing with specific projects – ongoing or planned – and projects development; the GLAM setting (as well as the cultural activities in some of our partner institutions) should aid in practical, creative thinking and developing practical plans.

Community building, culture, and GLAM[edit]

  • The annual event of Wikipedia's birthday, which WMPL organises each autumn, will be held on the day of the participants' arrival. This is a celebration of the community of editors and everyone else who contributes to the growth and improvement of Wikipedia, an opportunity to thank the community and look back on what has been done so far, with short films, short speeches or presentations, a birthday cake and plenty of opportunities to make new connections.
  • Participants will have a choice of 3 museum activities held at GLAM institutions: Backstage Pass at the National Museum of Ethnography; Ask a curator at Zachęta National Gallery of Art; and View&edit – locally at POLIN or at the National Museum in Warsaw.
  • Participants will be able to take part in guided views of the POLIN Museum, one of which will be a private guided view conducted exclusively for the WMCEE participants outside of the Museum's working hours.
  • Dinner and drinks evening for all participants will be held, preceded by a guided walk through Warsaw's Old Town.

Conference space[edit]

  • Two fully equipped rooms – one for 100, the other for 60 participants – which can be combined into one large room for 160 people for the opening and general discussion sessions.
  • A large L-shaped foyer, for catering and organizing workshops/informal meetings
  • Breakfasts at the hotel (included in accommodation cost); lunch – at the venue (POLIN) or the nearby restaurant.

Preliminary program:[edit]

The idea of the program is similar to what we had during previous CEE Meetings, except – we plan to arrange the 3rd track for longer workshops and have a bit more time for social activities – tours of the city and informal meetings/workshops in GLAM institutions in Warsaw with which we successfully cooperate, as well as a common supper (one donated by WMPL).

  • Evening (from 4-5 PM): Polish Wikipedia's Birthday with short speeches, video projections and birthday cake – open to the public and the media – followed by a by-invitation party for CEE attendands - funded fully by WMPL.
  • Conference day 1 at POLIN - 3 tracks - from 9 AM till 5 PM.
  • GLAM activities for groups (afternoon hours)
  • POLIN museum private guided tour: 5PM till 7PM.
  • Supper at 7PM in nearby restaurant
  • Late night sessions from 8 till 10 PM at the hotel conference room - wikidojo, other sessions.
POLIN Foyer, when catering and workshops are planned
  • Conference day 2 at POLIN - 3 tracks - 2 lecture-style at lecture rooms and 1 workshop-style at the foyer - 9 till 6 PM.
  • Evening: From 6PM: Old Town sightseeing walk followed by dinner in restaurant.
  • Conference day 3 at hotel 2 tracks from 9 AM till 2-3 PM
  • GLAM activities for groups (morning hours)
  • Lunch and goodbyes



Photo Name Role Estimated time allocation
Tomasz Ganicz (User:Polimerek volunteer)
  • overall project coordination
  • budget planning
  • WMF grant issues (coordination of grant application and grant report)
Around 30 hrs. for grant preparation + full time for a week before and during the conference + 30 hrs. for grant report.
Jarosław Błaszczak (User:Powerek38 volunteer)
  • management and coordination of human resources for the project (paid staff, long-term volunteers, short-term volunteers)
  • local transport coordinator in Warsaw (transfers to/from airports etc.)
  • chief project liason for WMF and affiliates
Around 3-4 hrs. a week for around 1 month before the conference + full time for a week before and during the conference
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska (User:Magalia full time empolyee of WMPL)
  • coordination of the Programme Committee and its entire process
  • coordination of the conference records (audio / video / notes)
  • social media output
Around 30 hrs. for Program Committe work + 2 hrs. a day during the month before the conference and full time during the conference.
Krzysztof Machocki (User:Halibutt - full time employee of Wikimedia Polska)
  • all issues to do with the venue (POLIN Museum), hotel and meals
  • outreach to the Polish and international news media
Around 30-40 hrs. for negotiating and dealing with venue, hotel and meals, and full time a week before and during the conference.
Anna Matusiak (full time empolyee of Wikimedia Polska)
  • travel arrangements for participants (airline tickets etc.)
  • all other issues to do with grant-funded scholarships for participants
  • travel assistance for WMF staff and other special guests
  • registration desk organizing and maintaining
  • back office support for the entire project
Around 40-60 hrs. for travel arrangements and scholarships. Full time during last 2 weeks before the conference, during the conference and 20-30 hrs. after the conference.
Marta Malina Moraczewska (full time employee of Wikimedia Polska)
  • coordination of the cultural programme for participants
  • tours of POLIN Museum main exhibition
  • Warsaw sightseeing etc.
  • registration desk organizing and maintaining
10-15 hrs. to deal and negotiate with GLAM organization and preparation of events, full time during the conference.
Małgorzata Wilk (volunteer, User:Maire)
  • design and purchase of conference merchandise (shirts etc.)
  • registration desk organizing and maintaining
10-15 hrs. to select, purchase, and collect merchandise, full time during the conference.
Marek Stelmasik (User:Masti volunteer)
  • supervision of all project finances
  • payments processing
2-3 hrs. a week for 2-3 months before the conference, and 2-3 hrs. a week for 1-2 weeks after the conference.
Michał Buczyński (User:Aegis Maelstrom - volunteer)
  • assistance and advice to the Project Lead in all matters related to WMF grant for the project
  • siightseeing Warsaw tours help
10 hrs. for helping with grant proposal and report, full time during the conference.
Wojciech Pędzich (User:Wpedzich - volunteer)
  • supervision of all visa-related matters
10-15 hrs. before conference, full time during the conference.
Janusz Dorożyński (User:Ency - volunteer) 10-15 hrs. before conference, full time during the conference.


  • Each year we organise the Wikimedia Polska Annual Conference (for 100-150 participants). Since 2005 we have organised 10 of them[3].
  • We have also organised several other meetings (winter conferences and technical conferences (called GDJ)[4].
  • We played the role of payment processor for scholars for Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2014 in Kiev.
  • 3 members of our current team (Wpedzich, Ency, Masti) were also co-organizing Wikimania 2010 in Gdańsk.


Visa issues[edit]

Poland is part of the Schengen Area, so it shares the common European visa policy. Citizens of Schengen Area states, as well as bearers of, among others, the passports issued by Australia, the United Kingdom or United States, do not need a visa to enter Poland for up to 90 days. The same applies to holders of biometric passports of, among others, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia.[5] Note that, based on many bilateral treaties, the list includes many countries from outside of the EU or Schengen Area.

All others should apply for a Schengen C-type visa, valid in all Schengen area states.[6] Polish government also provides an on-line application form website, which speeds the process up.[7] If you already have a valid C-type visa issued by any Schengen state, you do not have to apply for a new one for Poland specifically.

We also have a team of volunteers (Ency, Polimerek & Wpedzich) who have ample experience with visa issues and dealing with Polish consulates in CEE countries. Contact us should you need assistance.

Venue and airports[edit]

Airports and local transport[edit]

There are 2 international airports in Warsaw: the Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) and Modlin Airport (WMI).

  • From the Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) one can easily get to the city centre by train – either to Warsaw Central train station or to one of multiple locations within the city – and by city buses or taxis. The Chopin airport is located relatively close to the centre of Warsaw; the journey from Chopin Airport to the hotel should not take much longer than 40 minutes.

More details on how to get into Warsaw on wikivoyage

The cost of taxi is about 35-40 PLN (8-10 EUR) from Chopin Airport, and around 50-60 PLN (11-15 EUR) from Modlin. There are numerous call-taxi and app-taxi companies in Warsaw.

We are planning to organize a group of volunteers helping attendants to travel from airports to hotel.


Both venue and 3 hotels we consider are fully accessible for persons with disabilities. The entire venue is accessible to people with motor disabilities thanks to a system of ramps and lifts, there are also toilets adapted to the needs of people with disabilities on every level.[2] The hotel lobby, as well as all facilities and corridors are accessible. There is also a couple of rooms specifically designed for people with motor disabilities in the hotels we consider to book.


The budget was calculated based on real data, mostly on actual offers we have received from the venues and companies involved. The PLN - USD exchange rate is calculated accorrding to table provided by the National Bank of Poland for 15.09.2016[8]. 1 USD = 3.8587 PLN


Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost [PLN or EUR] USD Comments
1. Travel costs
1.1. International travel participant 66 912.24 PLN 60,207.84 PLN 15,603.14 Calculated based on current costs of flighs.[9]
1.2. Domestic travel participant 0 0 0 0 We are about to reimburse this from Wikimedia Polska budget
1.3. Visa fees participant 22 60 EUR 1320 EUR 1,471.80
SUM 17,074.94


Due to queries from hotels and potential catering providers as well as keeping the possibility to negotiate with them the final prices - we do not want publicly link to their offers at this time. The current numbers are calculated as realistic average from offers we collected. All offers and our calculations can be sent to Bidding Committee if needed. Accommodation and catering is calculated for 100 participants. All hotels we consider offer double rooms with separate beds, breakfast and Wi-Fi in every room.

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost [PLN] USD Comments
2. Accommodation costs
2.1. Hotel stay participant per night 300 143 42,900.00 11,117.73 3 nights with breakfasts
2.2. Catering participant 100 232.15 23,215.00 6,016.27 includes 3 lunches and coffee/snaks tables on venue available all time
SUM 17,134.01


Venue costs are calculated according to the offer we received from POLIN museum and hotels, which we can provide on Bidding Committee demand.

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost [PLN] USD Comments
3. Venue costs
3.1. Rent 2 rooms + 1/2 of foyer in Polin Museum for 12 hrs. days 2 6000 12,000 3,109.86
3.2 Rent 2 rooms in hotel for 8 hrs. days 1 3200 3,200 829.29
3.3 Rent 1 room in Hotel for 4 hrs. (WikiDojo/Late evening meetings) days 1 1000 1,000 259.15
3.2. Coffee breaks breaks 0 0 0 0 Included in catering costs
3.3. Technical support estimated 0 0 0 0 included in room rental, rooms are fully equiped
SUM 4,198.31

Other income / expenses[edit]

All below expenses are calculated according to the real offers we received, except the cost of dinners - which once again it is calculated as an estimation based on real values of several offers we received.

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost [PLN] USD Comments
5. Other expense
5.1. Video camera hiring for video recording camera per day 8 236.00 1,888.00 489.28 3 cameras for each track for 2 days + 2 cameras for the last day
5.2. Gadgets and stationery item per person 100 62 6,200.00 1,606.76 Includes: pen, notebook, badge, bag and one "memory" gadget with conference logo on it - Funded in 50% by Wikimedia Polska
5.3 Local team operational costs Phone calls, travels of organizers etc. 1 2000 2000,00 518.31 Funded by Wikimedia Polska
5.4 Saturday dinner person 100 35 3,500.00 907.04 Basic, one course dinner provided during WikiDojo/Evening meetings in Hotel.
5.5 Sunday dinner person 100 65 6,500.00 1,684.51 Two course dinner in restaurant. We have offers from several near-by restaurants. The amount is average of these offers. To be funded by Wikimedia Polska
5.6 Friday Wikipedia Anniversary celebration item 1 5000 5000 1,295.77 Estimation based on the costs of similar events we organized in 2014 and 2015. To be funded by Wikimedia Polska
SUM 6,501.67
Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total [PLN] USD Comments
4. Income (inc. in-kind)
4.1. Support from Wikimedia Polska WMPL is ready to pay for first day Wikipedia Anniversary celebration, one of the suppers, local travels of our team and our attendees and also part of gadgets/stationery 1 16100 16100 4,172.39
4.2. Support of Polin 25% of the cost of renting venue 1 3000 3000 777.46 Subject to negotiations which might seriously start after we know we will organize the meeting.
SUM 4,949.85


Primary contact person for the proposal, and chairperson/director of the supporting affiliate, please sign below to indicate your proposal is complete and accurate.


  1. For pictures and venue details see the conference centre's presentation (in Polish)
  2. a b See also a detailed guide on Accessibility of the Museum for people with disabilities (in English)
  3. List of Annual Conferences organised by WMPL (link in Polish)
  4. List of "GDJ" meetings organised by WMPL
  5. Consult a list of visa-free countries (in English) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.
  6. The visa itself and the application process is described in this document (in English) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  7. (English, German, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Russian and Turkish language versions are available)
  8. Average exchange rates Table A, Polish National Bank
  9. Calculation of costs of flight, based on website

Application 2: Prague, Czech Republic[edit]

Wikimedia affiliate: Wikimedia Czech Republic


Primary contact person:[edit]

Proposed event venue:[edit]

Proposed accommodation venue:[edit]

Expected total budget:[edit]

Total Cost 1 239 480 CZK 49 580 USD
WMCZ input 5 000 CZK 200 USD
Total Budget 1 234 480 49 380 USD

Proposed event dates:[edit]

THU–MON in late September / early October


What will the event be like if you awarded the right to host it? Please describe your plan including the proposed duration, scale and any points of interest (such as social activities or innovations to the event format). Include any multimedia, external links, or description that you would like.

Our central focus will be a warm-hearted and pleasant working atmosphere which stems from the Czech tradition of good organizing skills on one hand and generous attitude to guests on the other. Several innovations of the conference format will lead to improved results. By hosting a conference in a venue which is a hotel at the same time, the efficiency of the meeting will be increased. Our goal is to innovate the structure of the meeting and focus on workshops and connecting of people and communities. Innovative form of individual reporting will maximize results of the conference so that not only the guests themselves will profit but also the wider community. The conference will be hosted by a hotel in center of Prague, so after the conference day people will have lot of opportunities to enjoy all of the beauties of our capital; there will be also special guided tours during the pre-conference day.

If you are interested in pictures of the venue, you can find them at Wikimedia Czech Republic wiki.



Which Wikimedia affiliate staff, local partner organisation staff and/or volunteers will be supporting this event.

Name Role Estimated time allocation Comments
Jan Groh project manager 0,5 FTE employee main coordination, team leading
Vojtěch Dostál chair of the board 0,2 FTE volunteer strategic
Gabriela Boková education manager 0,2 FTE employee education part, school volunteers
coming soon executive director 0,2 FTE employee financial
coming soon tourism students 2×0,2 volunteer trainee for students
Pavel Hrdlička WMCZ member 0,15 FTE volunteer common help
coming soon foreign Wikimedians 2×0,1 FTE volunteer common help


Wikimedia Czech Republic has extraordinary experience with the annual Czech WikiConference, organized each time by a different volunteer team in different cities, leading to a rich community of Wikimedians skilled in hosting such events. Our team has also experiences with organizing various less typical formats of Wikimedia workshops - such as annual photo-workshops, training sessions for trainers with professional facilitators, workshops for general public or community feed-back strategy meetings.


How accessible will this event be? This includes visa conditions for likely attendee nationalities; disability access at the venue(s); ease of travel to nearest international airport/train hub.

Nearest international airport is Prague Ruzyně Airport (PRG) which is served by national carrier Czech Airlines and by many another carriers including 100 destinations. Thanks to the location in heart of the Europe flight times to Prague are quite short from all of the eastern countries as well as from the United States. The most frequently served destinations are London (12 flights per day), Moscow (8), Paris (8), Amsterdam (7), Frankfurt (7), Warsaw (5).

AIRPORT day time [min] price [CZK] price [USD] changes
public transport day 45 32 1,3 1 every 5–10 minutes
public transport night 50 32 1,3 0 every 20–30 minutes
taxi 30 500 20
UBER 30 250 10

All of the long distance and international trains comes to Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Railway Station) located in the city center. Prague is railway hub and crossroad between Eastern and Western Europe, so it is easy accessible from all of the cities around. The most frequent trains goes to Berlin (8 trains per day), Bratislava (8), Vienna (8) and Warszaw (3).

TRAIN STATION day time [min] price [CZK] price [USD] changes
public transport day 15 24 1 1 every 5–10 minutes
public transport night 15 32 1,3 1 every 20–30 minutes
taxi 10 125 5
UBER 10 100 4
walk 20
ANOTHER LOCATIONS walk public transport
tram stop 2
metro station 3
pub 1
restaurant 1
supermarket 2
Old Town Square 15 15
Wenceslas Square 10 5
Prague Castle 30 20

The venue Mosaic House is fully accessible for disabled persons (conference rooms, restaurant, toilets). There is one room accessible by wheelchair, while rest of the rooms are accessible by elevator. Nearest accessible entrance (lift) to the underground public transport is located 300 meters (4 minutes) from the venue and same goes for a nearest hub of the tram stops. More then 70% of underground stations are accessible to disabled persons, 60% of trams and 80% of the buses have low-floors.

Please provide a link to the English website of your country’s visa conditions, and indicate if you have previous experience in securing visas for attendees.

Most of the participants do not need a visa to travel to the Czech Republic; for those who need Schengen visa, we are able to assist with the visa process. From 29 CEE countries 15 do not need the visa, 9 have a simplified process with the 35 EUR visa fee and 5 needs regular visa. Due to the non-profit character of the event we are able to provide free visa to all of the participants who are younger than 25 years. Wikimedia Czech Republic has gained experience with visa agenda while helping to organize the Education meeting in 2014 in Prague.


How much do you expect this event will cost? Please either fill-out the tables below, or provide a separate spreadsheet if this table is not applicable to your budget format (e.g if Accommodation and Venue are a grouped budget item). Please provide links or documents which show how costs have been estimated.

Note: each participating organisation is expected to send two delegates


To cut the travel expenses we would like to close the registration and book all of the flight tickets 3–2,5 months before the event, which will save around 40–50 % in contrast with one month before booking. Our members have significant experience with international flights booking for non-Wikimedian event. The flight costs counts with directs or the most comfortable routing and one checked-in baggage while travelling with a low-cost airline.

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
1. Travel costs 405 500 16 220
1.1. International travel participant 60 6 000 360 000 14 400
1.2. Domestic travel participant 70 150 10 500 420
1.3. Visa fees participant 28 1 250 35 000 1 400


Check-in is at Thursday and check-out Monday morning, so it includes 4 nights in standard double rooms. Mosaic House offers 470 beds starting with executive rooftops apartments ends with dorms, so everyone without the scholarship or who will come earlier or leave later will be able to choose the accommodation according to the budget without the need of moving to another hotel. Also upgrade to higher standard rooms for people with special needs will be possible.

Meal starts with dinner at Thursday and ends with Monday morning breakfast. Catering includes served meals from the pre-ordered menu with one wine/beer/non-alcoholic drink and welcome dinner with the buffet.

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
2. Accommodation costs 560 000 22 400
2.1. Hotel stay participant 70 5 200 364 000 14 560
2.2. Catering participant 70 2 800 196 000 7 840


Rentals includes main hall for the venue and one room for workshops, discussions etc. and also a restaurant for one team-building karaoke night. Coffee breaks include variety selection of sweets and salt croissants, nachos etc. and hot&cold drinks and of course water for whole conference time. Mosaic House is on of the first green hotels around the Europe and second hotel in the world with gray water recycling system, so it will be the first green CEE meeting. :)

We have chosen the Mosaic House as a venue because its rooms are very adaptable and can accommodate various types of meetings, workshops or social activities. Moreover, members of Wikimedia Czech Republic have very good experience with organizing events at this place and the managers of the hotel are flexible and responsive to our needs. The venue is equipped with strong Internet connection, which covers not only the halls, but also all rooms and shared lounges.

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
3. Venue costs 94 980 3 800
3.1. Rent days 3 16 000 48 000 1 920
3.2. Coffee breaks breaks 280 150 45 000 1 800
3.3. Technical support days 3 660 1 980 80

Other income / expenses[edit]

In year 2017 Wikimedia Czech Republic plans to have 1 FTE executive director, 0,75 education manager and 0,5 wikimedian in residence. These employees will help to organize the conference as much as they can in their working hours, but we still need to cover the main part of organizing, which includes more then 0,5 FTE for appx. 6 months, which we are unable to cover by volunteering. Because of this we are asking for a budget to cover main coordinator expenses.

When we were organizing training for trainers we have had very good experiences with professional facilitators, who take care of the networking or special-purpose workshops and help us fulfill our goals.

If applicable: Are there any other expected sources of revenue for this event other than a WMF Event grant e.g. sponsorship (monetary/in-kind) or local Chapter fundraising?

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
4. Income (inc. in-kind) 5 000 250
4.1. travel of Czechs participants 10 500 5 000 250

If applicable: Are there are any other expected costs which might be applicable e.g. a party?

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
5. Other expense 174 000 6 960
5.1. city tours participants 50 400 20 000 800
5.2. core organization hours 600 175 105 000 4 200
5.3. another organization hours 100 150 15 000 600
5.4. facilitator hours 25 800 20 000 800
5.4. t-shirts hours 70 200 14 000 560
5.5. office expenses total 1 10 000 10 000 400


Primary contact person for the proposal, and chairperson/director of the supporting affiliate, please sign below to indicate your proposal is complete and accurate.

Committee decision[edit]

The 2017 CEE Meeting jury, empanelled during the 2016 Meeting in Dilijan, would like to thank both Wikimedia Polska and Wikimedia Česká republika for their efforts in creating their bids. This is the first time that there has been more than one nomination to host the subsequent CEE Meeting and therefore the first time that a formal bidding process was required. The jury hopes that all stakeholders in this bidding process – the WMF community resources team, the local communities of the CEE region, past and prospective attendees of the meeting and particularly the applicants themselves – found this to be a productive exercise that was fair and not unnecessarily bureaucratic.

The jury believes that both bids represent viable plans for hosting the CEE Meeting even though the philosophy behind each bid is quite different. In practical terms, both bids have: locations are near the centre of their respective capital city; venues which are equally accessible and roughly equally costly (when accomodation and venue hire are combined); with equivalent travel restrictions for foreigners; and proposed for effectively the same time of year. The Polish bid is assuming a slightly higher number of participants but both bids are expecting to host a variety of social and touristic activities on the side of the formal meeting.

With regards to the WMPL bid for Warsaw:[edit]

The jury was particularly impressed with the choice of venue partner, event-planning experience on the event team, and integration of the program with other activities of the Chapter. It is this structure and professionalism which the jury believes to be the bid’s particular strengths, and most engendered of confidence that the event would be well hosted.

However, with the distance between venue and hotel, and relatively inflexible venue availability (times and spaces), the jury perceives a risk that the event become unable to accommodate informal sessions and late schedule changes – a hallmark of the CEE Meeting culture.

With regards to the WMCZ bid for Prague:[edit]

This bid highlights ‘‘innovation in both program/workshop design and reporting, and “adaptable” spaces and venue organisation. It is these which the jury believes to be the bid’s particular strengths, and most in keeping with the tone and style of previous CEE Meetings. The jury was also particularly impressed with the proposal to host the meeting and accommodation in the same venue. This allows for great flexibility during the event, and increases the efficiency of organisation for various elements (e.g. catering, technical support).

However, while the jury confirms the capacity of current event organizing team and the potential to involve further members near future, it is concerned that substantial part of the team is not yet contracted (including the executive director). The bid also includes staff costs to be covered by the WMF conference grant, which would be a precedent case for the Wikimedia CEE Meeting. The jury is also concerned that the staffing support proposed in the bid is underestimated for the scale required for this event. This increases the risk of “burnout” and delays in the preparation process.


Ultimately, it is the jury’s conclusion that the bid from Wikimedia Polska is stronger and therefore it is pleased to say that the 2017 CEE Meeting is awarded to Warsaw. Even so, the jury hopes that the Warsaw team actively work with the Prague team to adopt some of their ideas which were highlighted above. 'The jury would also like to specifically suggest that the Prague bid be re-proposed for the 2018 Meeting, assuming that Wikimedia Česká Republika is still interested in hosting. If the bid team works with and “shadows” the 2017 team, this would make for a smooth handover process. The jury therefore encourages Wikimedia Polska to incorporate members of the Wikimedia Česká republika team into their work-groups in both the preparation and execution stages of the 2017 meeting.

On behalf of Levon Azizian, Teele Vaalma, David Saroyan, Liam Wyatt and Cornelius Kibelka (i.e.Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017 bidding process committee)

Process facilitator --Kaarel Vaidla (WM EE) (talk) 09:58, 1 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]