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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017/GLAM

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{{Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017/header|There were two GLAM events on the fringes of Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017. On this page you can find all the details.

Ethno-Wiki, or how ethnography conquered Polish Wikipedia[edit]

Members of the project team in Slovakia

A meeting at The State Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw Friday, September 22nd

State Ethnographic Museum - permanent exhibition

Guests of the Wikimedia CEE Conference are welcome to get to know our collaboration, Wiki-centered projects such as the Carpathian Ethnography Project, and how to get involved! We will talk about the project, show you photos, videos and articles. Bring your laptop if you can, but feel free to arrive without it as well!

Admission is free. Maximum number of guests: 20.
Please sign the list of attendees below; you can also email kultura@wikimedia.pl


  • Ethnomuseum: Klara Sielicka, Amudena Rutkowska, Aleksander Robotycki
  • Wikimedia Polska: Marta Moraczewska

Event plan[edit]

State Ethnographic Museum Building

13.30 Exhibition tour

14.20 Ethno-Carpathians: Presentation of the project

14.50 Editing and discussion!

15.30 Closing and travel back to MDM hotel

  • The Group meets at 13.10 outside MDM hotel and will travel to Ethnomuseum by tram with Marta Moraczewska (and get back to MDM the same way).
  • Late arrivals are welcome. The Ethnomuseum is located in the centre of Warsaw at Kredytowa 1. Ask for the Ethno-Wiki meeting at the main desk reception to be directed to the right place.


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Wikivacations Photo Walk[edit]

Take a walk in the historic Jewish district of Warsaw, take photos, upload to Wikimedia Commons!  

Monday, September 25th

A photo walk around the historic Jewish district of Warsaw. Before World War II, Warsaw has been home to the second largest Jewish community in the world. Participants of the walk will be guided by Katarzyna Jankowska, POLIN Museum specialist, through the main street of the Northern District. We will find lingering traces of pre-war Jewish Warsaw community and listen to stories about the inhabitants of Warsaw of the past. We will take photos of the monuments on the way as part of the Wikivacations contest, and later upload them to Wikimedia Commons.

The photo walk will begin at 4pm and last approximately 2,5 hours. It will be led by Katarzyna Jankowska -- POLIN Museum guide and a licensed Warsaw guide.

Admission is free, 25 guests maximum.
Please sign the list of attendees below; you can also email kultura@wikimedia.pl

Start: Polin Museum (outside the main entrance)

Finish: Plac Grzybowski


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