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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017
Warsaw, Poland, September 22-25

List of officially approved participants[edit]

List of Wikimedia CEE affiliates' delegates[edit]

Name Username Afliliation Position
margott Icons-flag-al.png Wikimedians of Albanian
JonaRizvanolli Icons-flag-al.png Wikimedians of Albanian
Leeturtle Icons-flag-al.png OpenLabs (Albania)
Arthur Yengoyan Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia
Mayilyan Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia
SusikMkr Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia
avetikyess Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia
Alberto Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia
Tobias1984 Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Austria
Claudia.Garad Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Austria
Igor Celman Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Austria
Philip Kopetzky Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Austria
Mardetanha Icons-flag-az.png Azerbaijani Wikimedians
Elgun Ataliyev Wertuose Icons-flag-az.png Azerbaijani Wikimedians
Рөстәм Нурыев Flag of Bashkortostan.svg Wikimedians of Bashkortostan
Borovi4ok Flag of Bashkortostan.svg Wikimedians of Bashkortostan
Svetit Icons-flag-by.png Wikimedia User Group Belarus
DobryBrat Icons-flag-by.png Wikimedia User Group Belarus
Mr. Zabej Icons-flag-by.png Wikimedia User Group Belarus
KarlKori Icons-flag-by.png Wikimedia User Group Belarus
Spiritia Icons-flag-bg.png Wikimedians of Bulgaria
Vodnokon4e Icons-flag-bg.png Wikimedians of Bulgaria
Petra Pejšová Icons-flag-cz.png Wikimedia Czech Republic
Jagro Icons-flag-cz.png Wikimedia Czech Republic
Gabriela Boková (WMCZ) Icons-flag-cz.png Wikimedia Czech Republic
Pseudacorus Icons-flag-ee.png Wikimedia Eesti
Oop Icons-flag-ee.png Wikimedia Eesti
Nicola Zeuner (WMDE) Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Germany
Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Germany
Veronika Krämer (WMDE) Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Germany
BRUTE Icons-flag-ge.png Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Jaba1977 Icons-flag-ge.png Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Pavlos1988 Icons-flag-gr.png Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece
MARKELLOS Icons-flag-gr.png Wikimedia Community User Group Greece
Samat Icons-flag-hu.png Wikimedia Hungary
OrsolyaVirág Icons-flag-hu.png Wikimedia Hungary
Kaiyr Icons-flag-kz.png Wikipedians of Kazakhstan Icons-flag-kz.png Wikipedians of Kazakhstan
Papuass Icons-flag-lv.png Wikimedians of Latvia
Treisijs Icons-flag-lv.png Wikimedians of Latvia
Ehrlich91 Icons-flag-mk.png Shared Knowledge (Macedonia)
Kiril Simeonovski Icons-flag-mk.png Shared Knowledge (Macedonia)
Виолетова / Violetova Icons-flag-mk.png Usergroup GLAM Macedonia
Gikü Icons-flag-ro.png Romanian Wikipedia/ Icons-flag-md.png Moldova
Elfhelm Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Member of the Board of WMPL/Lecturer
Gdarin Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Lecturer
Ctac Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia
Drbug Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia
Andreykor Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia
JukoFF Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia
Bojana Wiki PG Flag of the Republika Srpska.svg Wikimedia Community of Republic of Srpska
Ljubiša Malenica Flag of the Republika Srpska.svg Wikimedia Community of Republic of Srpska
Neboysha87 Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia
AxeAdam20 Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia
Mickey Mystique Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia
IvanaMadzarevic Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia
Armin Icons-flag-sk.png Wikimedia Slovakia
KuboF Hromoslav Icons-flag-sk.png Wikimedia Slovakia
Tiakangaspunta Icons-flag-fi.png Wikimedia Suomi (Finland)
Teromakotero Icons-flag-fi.png Wikimedia Suomi (Finland)
LA2 Icons-flag-se.png Wikimedia Sverige
Boberger Icons-flag-se.png Wikimedia Sverige
basak Icons-flag-tr.png Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
Taras r Icons-flag-ua.png Wikimedia Ukraine
visem Icons-flag-ua.png Wikimedia Ukraine
Bekhruzbek Ochilov Lingveno Wikimedia ELiSo logo.svg Esperanto kaj Libera Scio project manager


Invited speakers and self-funded representatives of non-CEE Wikimedia affiliates

Name Username Afliliation Position
Marios Magioladitis Magioladitis Icons-flag-gr.png Wikimedia Community User Group Greece Invited speaker
Camelia.boban Icons-flag-it.png WikiDonne Invited speaker
dimi_z Flag of Europe.svg/Icons-flag-bg.png FKAGEU Invited speaker
Katherine Maher Katherine (WMF) Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director/Invited speaker
Eileen Hershenov EHershenov (WMF) Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia Foundation General Counsel/Invited speaker
Asaf (WMF) Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-il.png Wikimedia Foundation Senior Program Officer/Invited speaker
Vahid Masrour VMasrour_(WMF) Wikimedia-logo black.svg Wikimedia Foundation Wikipedia Education Program/Invited speaker
Christel Steigenberger Kritzolina Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-de.pngWikimedia Foundation Community Advocate/Invited speaker
Rachel Farrand Rfarrand (WMF)/Adorabutton Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia Foundation Events Program Manager
Kalliopi Tsouroupidou Kalliope (WMF) Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-gr.png Wikimedia Foundation Community Advocate/Invited speaker
Nicole Ebber Nicole Ebber (WMDE) Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Foundation/WMDE Strategy Track Lead/Invited speaker
Antanana Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-ua.pngWikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees member
Raystorm Wikimedia-logo black.svg/Icons-flag-es.png Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees member
Grijz Icons-flag-nl.png Wikimedia Netherlands President/Invited speaker
Daria Cybulska (WMUK) Icons-flag-uk.png Wikimedia UK Invited speaker
nickispeaki Icons-flag-ua.png Wikimedia Ukraine Invited speaker
Kaarel Vaidla Misosoof Icons-flag-ee.png Strategy advisor Invited speaker
Anna Mazgal Icons-flag-pl.png Communia Association/WMDE

Local team

Name Username Afliliation Position
Tomasz Ganicz Polimerek Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska President of WMPL/Organizing committee/Lecturer
Jarosław Błaszczak Powerek38 Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Board member of WMPL/Organizing committee
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska Magalia Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Communication officer of WMPL//Organizing committee/Lecturer
Krzysztof Machocki Hallibut Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Press officer of WMPL/Organizing committee
Anna Matusiak - Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Office manager of WMPL/Organizing committee
Marta Malina Moraczewska - Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska GLAM Coordinator/Organizing committee/Lecturer
Małgorzata Wilk Maire Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Board member of WMPL/Organizing committee
Marek Stelmasik Masti Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Treasurer of WMPL/Organizing committee
Michał Buczyński Aegis Maelstrom Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Vicepresident of WMPL/Organizing committee
Wojciech Pędzich Wpedzich Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Secretary of WMPL/Organizing committee
Janusz Dorożyński Ency Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Organizing committee
Tomasz Bladyniec Bladyniec Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Member of Peer Tribunal of WMPL/ Volunteer
Einsbor Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Volunteer
Julia Maria Koszewska Lantuszka Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Member of Peer Tribunal of WMPL/ Volunteer
PiotrLeszczyński Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Volunteer
PuchaczTrado Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Volunteer
WTM Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Volunteer
Yarl Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Volunteer/Lecturer

Important information for grant-funded delegates[edit]

Please note the following:

  • Your travel and stay will be organised and paid for by Wikimedia Polska (thanks to WMF grant), using the information provided in the registration form. Please do not buy plane / train / bus tickets on your own, unless specifically asked to do so by our staff.
  • The scholarship covers: travel to/from Warsaw (excluding travel from your place of residence to/from local airport / station), accommodation, catering, conference participation, visa fees (if you need a visa)
  • The scholarship does not cover: insurance, travel from your place of residence to/from local airport / station.

Wikimedia Foundation staff[edit]

If you are a staff member / contractor for Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and you wish to be included in WMF's team for CEE Meeting 2017, please sort this out internally, using usual WMF channels. Generally speaking, in terms of costs, organisation of stay etc. WMF staff will be treated similarly to the self-funded delegates, but all the details will be sorted out by WMF or within WMF - Wikimedia Polska cooperation.

Invited speakers[edit]

A very limited number of invited speakers, not being the WMF staff or CEE Wikimedia affiliates' delegates may have their costs of travel, accommodation and meals covered, if their submission is accepted by programme committee and the funds are available. We will contact them directly when the positive decision of invitation is made.

Friendly space policy[edit]

Taking into account that civility and assuming good faith are core principles of the Wikimedia movement, Wikimedia Polska together with POLIN Museum expect all participants to abide to the Friendly Space Policy during all activities of CEE Meeting 2017. You will be asked to confirm your agreement to this policy in registration form.