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Pattypan workshop[edit]

Name(s) and/or username(s)[edit]

Paweł Marynowski, Yarl
Wikimedia Polska


  • Partnerships (GLAM collaborations, Other institutional collaborations, Wiki Medicine projects? STEM?)

Type of submission[edit]

  • Workshop


Pattypan is a simple file upload tool that enables the volunteer or employee working in a GLAM institution to simplify choosing and uploading selected files to Wikimedia Commons. As a follow-up of last year presentation about Pattypan, this year workshop can act as Q&A and chance to exchange thoughts.

Expected outcomes[edit]

All you want to know about Pattypan, but you were too busy to ask.


30 min.

Specific requirements[edit]

Slides or further information[edit]

Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter).[edit]