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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019/Participants

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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019
Belgrade, Serbia, 11–13 October
Broaden Your Capacity!

Participant groups[edit]

  • Group 1: participants, who have a travel scholarship from a chapter or user group they are representing.
  • Group 2: participants, who apply for a travel scholarship from WMCEE2019 organizers as a representative of chapter, user group or community. WMCEE2019 has budgeted ~80 scholarships for participants.
  • Group 3: invited speakers.


Participants of WMCEE2019 are expected to represent their affiliates and/or communities at the conference. This is why it is strongly recommended that participants are selected by the community and can provide a link to the respective on-wiki discussion/board decision/etc.

In most cases each community from the CEE can send two delegates (please consider this table) who will have travel, accommodation, food and promo package costs funded by the conference grant. The community/affiliate may (as is welcomed to) send additional participants but the costs of their participation must be covered by the affiliate or the participants themselves.

If there will be more applications for scholarships than WMCEE2019 organizing team can provide, we intend to welcome most active and engaged Wikimedians, mostly based on their submissions (if any) or history of on-wiki and off-wiki collaborations.

How to select the delegates[edit]

To make the conference a success it will be essential for the invited affiliates to deliberately select their delegates. Participants should be those who want to learn, share their stories and also bring something back to their communities and chapters. We are seeking delegates who will be actively engaged before, during and after the conference and can represent their affiliates. Ideal delegates are those who are

  • involved in the decision making processes of the organization,
  • striving to help shape the future of the movement,
  • or partnerships specialists,
  • or program leaders.


My country has more than one affiliate, how many scholarships can we have?[edit]

  • The budget is planned mostly for 2 people per country / per community without country, but we do have some flexibility. Please consider this table. Thus we invite you to submit 2 delegates per affiliate. In the (very) unlikely case that we would not be able to accommodate both from one group, we shall choose the delegate with the most appropriate set of skills for the programme.

The costs for non-grant-funded participants[edit]

  • We anticipate that the costs for non-grant-funded participants will be full travel from the home city to Belgrade and back, plus accommodation plus visas costs (if needed). The price for twin room per night with breakfast for the same hotel is 60 EUR or 50 EUR for single room. Estimated accommodation tax is 1.40 EUR per person per night. Of course prices will be different in case of different hotel. The conference fee is 100 EUR: we currently have budget for up to 80 attendees based on around 100 EUR per person (covers catering, materials and gifts and city tour).


If you have additional questions regarding registration, don't hesitate to reach out via ceem2019@vikimedija.org.