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Advocacy Work for Wikimedia Movement

Advocacy Work for Wikimedia Movement

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Iranian Wikimedians User Group

  • Strategy
  • Community Engagement
  • Media Outreach
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The Wikimedia 2030 vision for strategy in an ongoing work that will shape the guidelines and main recommendations to be followed in order to reach the 2030 goals. In this regard, the Advocacy Working Group (one of the 9 strategy working groups) is seeking to inform about the importance of this shaping operation for the Wikimedia community. This period is in fact where voices advocating different suggestions can be heard and their feedback noted and implemented. In this presentation, I will inform about the general strategy work as well as the Advocacy work that happened so far We can also discuss the different ways free knowledge can be advocated, depending on the context and the policies.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

The attendees will learn about the strategy process in general and the Advocacy work happening within with Wikimedia movement. They will have the opportunity to provide their feedback so that we make sure that central and Eastern Europe are well advocated and their needs are heard and conveyed and brought to our strategic goals.

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  • We all have to agree that making strategies is a boring job, it is difficult, you have to be precise. This process was not easy from the beginning.
  • 2030 is around the corner. By 2030 Wikimedia will become the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge, and anyone who shares this vision will be free to join.
  • 9 working groups (90 members in total). Some of these members are volunteers, some of them are staff. For the past year, there was a lot of meeting about these strategies.
  • The core team is for support.
  • 2030 Strategy working groups - All 9 of them are playing a very important role.
  • Average Wikipedian doesn't care about strategies, and engaging them in making strategies was very difficult.
  • Groups :
    • Role & Responsibilities
    • Capacity building
    • Product & Technology
    • Revenue Streams
    • Partnership
    • Community health
  • Resource Allocation - 93% of the money is raised in the US
    • Diversity
    • Advocacy.
  • What is advocacy? It means different for every person. In many languages, they don't have another term in advocacy. That term started from the US and it is something like lobbying - you try to make it happen with discussion or arguing.
  • Political advocacy: focused on governmental decision
  • Social advocacy: attempts to influence public opinion, to encourage civic and political participation, and also to influence institutions/organizations
  • Direct advocacy:
  • Indirect advocacy:
  • Legislative advocacy:
  • Self-advocacy: Speaking for or representing the interest of oneself.
  • Working group mission:
    • Score
    • Recommendations
    • Implementation.
  • Advocacy SWOT:
  • Advocacy - Necessary conditions: Advocates have tools and support from Wikimedia movement to work
  • 9 Scoping questions.
  • Recommendations: Transparency, Diversity, Global conversation, knowledge management., advocacy hub, common positioning, partnership, empowerment of advocate, self - determination, determination, and protection of advocates.
  • Missing voices CEE
  • Q1: You mention that an opinion from CEE is missing, so I am curious is anyone from the public interested in advocacy?