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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019/Programme/Submissions/Gender gap and how we tried to solve it

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Gender gap and how we tried to solve it

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Lightning talk

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Marios Magioladitis




Wikimedia Community User Group Greece



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We will discuss the status of gender gap in Greek Wikipedia community and we will give examples of how Wikimedia Community User Group Greece systmaticall tried to solve the problem and what are the results of this effort.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?
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Status of gender gap in the Greek community

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  • This is for those who did not go to Rosie and Camelias talk in the next room.
  • There are categories feminists by country but Greece is missing here. * 80% of those who define gender are male. There were no active female members when they started work in the user group.
  • Ads were failing.
  • They approached feminist org in Greece : what do you think about Wikipedia and would you like to fix this problem. They even created a webpage for Gender Gap. gendergap.wikimedia.gr where women could discuss what could be changed for them to participate. It was not only about wiriting articles, it was participation in general. The point of view was that it was male-dominated and we cannot change it, we could do our agenda without Wikipedia was the thought. Then worked with 3 feminist organizations in Greece.
  • As a result one female editor was re activated. Three female users are now in the user group. Now we are at around 70% men, 30% women. We should not only focus on content, but also photos, WIkidata. People can contribute in other ways than just chasing a good edit count.
  • In 2018 statered Womenin Red (articles that have red links for female biographies). Had a lot of success in Greece.
  • There are more stats (Marius shows graphs)
  • They also gave women more roles. Female are now participating at 50% and more.All the awards have to be distributed 50:50 is a rule for WLM/WLE.
  • Q: how many do not identify as either sex?
    • A: about 1% identifies as either sex. There is a non-binary in the committee.
  • Q was about media wiki:
    • there was a compaign to ask people to reveal their gender, women are afraid to do that.