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Radio to illustrate Wikipedia. Creative examples already put in practice

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Francesc Fort




Amical Wikimedia


Multimedia knowledge+Diversity

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This session will be an adaptation of the session held in Wikimania 2019.

In fall 2015 I started La ràdio és lliure, a project where radio programmes were uploaded to Commons. Besides, I also strated La Represa, an interview programme designed specifically to be reused in Commons and Wikimedia Projects. In three years (and with the help of some collaborators) We got about 100 interviews from relevant people from the Land of Valencia, and even some international activists. Those interviews were used to illustrate articles about specific issues, biographies and more. And also were used as references.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

I'll start with some context about my language and its relationship with its environment, and then introduce the Catalan experience with media (basically, this radio project but also some TV-clips released). The Catalan context (in the Land of Valencia, that is like a minority inside another minority) can be adapted better to the CEE context than to its neighbours (being Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese languages with far more Speakers and far more content available in those languages).

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Computer, Projector, Screen (if audio can be heard, better!)

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  • La Represa is the name of the radio show that started 4 years ago. Valencian language had 10M speakers, and it is official since 1983, in media since 1989. It is not a minor language, but we are still memorized. There are a lot of native Valencian speakers who read Wikipedia on Spanish because they speak it perfectly.
  • La Represa was founded in 2015. They had to make a radio show to spread a language. They have a voice intro. They choose people notable for Wikipedia. The format of the show is made by questions, not by opinions. Questions are short to avoid any possible conflicts.
  • They take photos with every guest, and they upload it to Wikidata.
  • They made more than a hundred interviews in 3 years. Guests have diverse profiles.
  • The show is broadcasted on about 15 local stations, it is every week in media and it is broadcasted online.
  • Advice is to be bold. The Catalan community loved this project.
  • We are looking for local people to be our guests, but they have to be relevant.
  • Q1: How hard is it to stay without opinions and conflicts made by them.
    • A1: I have no personal opinion when I am hosting the show
  • Q2: I wanted to ask do you publish your interviews?
    • A2: We have a local network of radio stations where that interviews are published. We also post it on Youtube. I asked that because I don't think it is a problem to put that material as a reference. We didn't plan to use interviews as a reference, because the public can say that it might be an original source made by the author. But having it recorded is a good idea.