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Reimagining CEE Spring

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  • roundtable
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  • Mārtiņš Bruņenieks
  • CEE Spring
  • Article contests
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There is no doubt that CEE Spring has been a success, but some communities are growing tired of it and it is generally quite expensive. A discussion is needed on how to improve it in the next years.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

In person discussion is necessary to discuss changes in successful project.

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  • CEE Spring is running for 5 years now and many people got bore from it.
  • What can we change to motivate the people in order to have more articles?
    • universal tools to evaluate the articles
    • better promotions (trivia topics in order to avoid boring topics)
    • list of suggestions on what to write about (make it fun)
    • using the CCC tool (has problems on finding which articles are missing)
    • display the articles that do not exist in the language that you are seeing
    • convincing people to write about topics not in list
    • visibility issues
    • too much text that people will not read (needs to be a bit more concise)
    • simplify the system
    • set a different way how to evaluate the articles
    • Ukraine developed a tool for evaluation
    • Outreach Dashboard was used by Czechs
    • number of bytes used as a determinator who won
    • have more prizes (it will attract more people)
    • prizes to the most active editors, random participants, most bytes, best article...
    • good coordination is essential for a successful CEE Spring
    • more prizes with lower value (more people will get a reward and feel more involved)
    • high administrative costs (needs to be reduced)
    • Request to add more religious topics, churches, leaders
  • After the meeting discussions:
    • how to implicate other non-CEE communities in writing over CEE
    • related: have articles in English for people to translate? Solutions: Pre-spring contests, connecting to Wikiprojects on en.wp