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Their first time in Wiki - an alternative approach to THE first edition

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  • Education, Community Engagement
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I’d like to present lightweight approaches to cross the magic frontier of the first edit, supported by observations from several workshops I participated this year in Poland. Readers that feel empowered to fix an error when they spot it improve the quality of our wikis and extend our communities' capacity. And at some point may dare to create their own first, short but mature article. The presentation will also cover lessons learned.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Language diversity in our region and limited number of native speakers makes attracting even occasional editors very important for the sustainability of the projects. Task-based, hands-on workshops may be an alternative to organisation of fully-fledged workshops/trainings and promote organic growth of editors' communities.

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Please take into account that although I am sending more submissions, I will be able to present at most two of them based on programme committee's preferences.


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  • We had a lot of discussions about how to attract new people.
  • The first time in Wiki is very important, they decide if they want to make another one, to get out of the comfort zone. The first time on the wiki should be easy because it is not a big deal! It can be anonymous and to edit in view editor. The problem with the classical workshop is that it takes a lot of time, not all participants are active, they are homogeneous and, just because of timeboxing sometimes they cant learn a little bit more.
  • We don't need editors to make projects, we need to give free access to the sum of human knowledge.
  • Where are the editors? Wiki has a lot of readers, we need to empower them to make the first time in Wiki, and that first time should be easy. He organizes four workshops, two sessions are for high school students, third is for a local association, and the last one for people interested in condemnatory music. General agenda of a workshop. Tips and ideas for the workshop are to introduce to main pillars and community life and fun facts, be prepared to be flexible, talk show formula is important and you should come with Wikipedian, and the last one is to show reader perspective first.
  • Ideas are also identifying potential direct beneficiaries, always demonstrating first, teaching good habits upfront, and always answer the question first. Also let everyone go at his / her own pace, limit time, show how to find one's own edits, conclude the results. There are some simple tasks to ask for: correct a typo, add some references, add or extend a photo caption, correct a piece of information challenged by the audience during reading, mark an information as outdated but you should still keep it, give a book around and let everyone add some information, Dojo formula. If this works, do it again!