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Towards excellence - quality improvement programs

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  • Content, Community Engagement, Quality, Sustainability
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Many editors prefer to write new Wikipedia articles. Ensuring and maintaining high quality of existing content is crucial for the public project reception, its popularity among readers and useful for fighting fake news. I'll briefly present selected initiatives, their outcomes, encountered difficulties, focusing on projects. Then I'd like to gather valuable input from participants from other countries during a discussion and later, off-stage.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Many readers use Wiki as a first reference on various topics and do not dig into details. In the era of fake news and hybrid wars high quality, neutral information is crucial to preserve the identity. Variety of languages in CEE limits potential number of editors and effective strategies to preserve the content qualities are even more important.

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beamer, pointer

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Please take into account that although I am sending more submissions, I will be able to present at most two of them based on programme committee's preferences.

I see here an option for a follow-up round table, with a map of Europe, sticky notes so that participants can briefly present and discuss the most successful quality improvement initiative in their country,

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