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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022
Ohrid, North Macedonia, 14–16 October
Bringing Back Together!

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The registration deadline for delegates was 15 August 2022.

Please use the link for official registration: Application Form

List of officially approved participants[edit]

List of Wikimedia CEE participants[edit]

CEE participants, with scholarship and self-funded. Note: This page will be edited by organizing team. Please don't add yourself to the list.

Name Username Afliliation
Vjolltsa Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
ritamaliqi Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
arianit Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
Arpine Andreasyan A.arpi.a Armenia community
Soghomon Matevosyan Soghomon Matevosyan Armenia community
Tobias Schönberg tobias1984 Wikimedia Austria
Ailura Wikimedia Austria
Namik Mantaşov Namikilisu Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group
Toghrul Rahimli Toghrul R Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group
Dmitry Zhukov JukoFF Don Wikimedians User Group
Marios Magioladitis Magioladitis Wikimedia Community User Group Greece
MARKELLOS Wikimedia Community User Group Greece
Edgars Lecis Feens Wikimedians of Latvia User Group
Mārtiņš Bruņenieks Papuass Wikimedians of Latvia User Group
Batyrbek Alimzhanov Kazakh Wikimedians
Kaiyr Rysbayev Kaiyr Kazakh Wikimedians
Zhusupbek kyzy Aisedep Kyin kyz02 Kyrgyz language community
Guliaim Aiylchy aiylchy Kyrgyz language community
Jaba Labadze Jaba1977 Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Mehman Ibragimov Mehman97 Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Klára Joklová Klára Joklová (WMCZ) Wikimedia Czech Republic
Tadeáš Bednarz T.Bednarz Wikimedia Czech Republic
Jagro Wikimedia Czech Republic
Käbi Laan K2suvi Wikimedia Estonia
Ivo Kruusamägi Kruusamägi Wikimedia Estonia
Gergő Tisza Tgr Wikimedia Hungary
Xia Wikimedia Hungary
Samat Wikimedia Hungary
Ivana Novaković-Leković Millodarka Wikipedia Montenegro
Valentina Trajkoska GLAM Macedonia
Natasha Stardelova GLAM Macedonia
Kiril Simeonovski Kiril Simeonovski Shared Knowledge
Toni Ristovski Ehrlich91 Shared Knowledge
Nino Bogdanovski Полупрофесионален Шофер Shared Knowledge
Dean Lazarevski Shared Knowledge
Tomasz Wszeborowski Gdarin Wikimedia Poland
Julia Maria Koszewska Lantuszka Wikimedia Poland
Grzegorz Kopaczewski Wikimedia Poland
Viacheslav Chernev Wikimedia Poland
Strainu Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova
Klaul Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova
Vladimir Medeyko Drbug Wikimedia Russia
Stanislav Kozlovskiy Ctac Wikimedia Russia
Gorana Gomirac Gorana Gomirac (VMRS) Wikimedia Serbia
Marko Adam AxeAdam20 Wikimedia Serbia
Ivana Madžarević IvanaMadzarevic Wikimedia Serbia
Milica Buha BuhaM Wikimedia Serbia
Pinky sl Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group
Andrej Žohar ModriDirkac Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group
Matej Grochal Jetam2 Wikimedians of Slovakia
basak Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
Vikipolimer Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
Mardetanha Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group
Nataliia Lastovets EleNte Wikimedia Ukraine
Renvoy Wikimedia Ukraine
Olesia Lukaniuk OlesiaLukaniuk (WMUA) Wikimedia Ukraine
Halyna Kachurovska Качуровська Wikimedia Ukraine
Yurii Perohanych Perohanych Wikimedia Ukraine
Abdulmalikkhon Kambarov Malikxan Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group
Mirshokhid Ismatov Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group
Nodir Ataev Nataev Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group
Bojana Podgorica Wikimedia Community of Republika Srpska
Bojana Marić BoMaric Wikimedia Community of Republika Srpska
EnriqueTabone Wikimedia Community User Group Malta
ToniSant Wikimedia Community User Group Malta
Mirko Savković MirkoS18 Croatia language community
Nada Bjelčić nadicab Croatia language community
Petra Matić OpenGLAM Croatia
AnToni Bosnian Wikipedia
Z. Blace Zblace exPatYUGOdiasporas
Philip Kopetzky Wikimedia CEE Hub
Delphine Ménard Wikimedia CEE Hub
Wojciech Pedzich Wikimedia CEE Hub
Michał Buczyński Wikimedia CEE Hub
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska Wikimedia CEE Hub
Barbara Klen Wikimedia CEE Hub

Other participants[edit]

Invited speakers and other non-CEE participants

Name Username Afliliation
Christopher Schilling I JethroBT (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Daria Cybulska Wikimedia UK
Heikki Kastemaa Kulttuurinavigaattori Wikimedia Finland
Gereon Kalkuhl Gereon K. German language Wikipedia
Christos Varvantakis Wikimedia Germany
Aida Akhmedova AAkhmedova (WMF) WMF
Maciej Nadzikiewicz MNadzikiewicz (WMF) WMF
Asaf Bartov WMF
Franziska Putz FPutz (WMF) WMF
Mehrdad Pourzaki MPourzaki (WMF) WMF
Natalia Tymkiv Board of Trustees
Lorenzo Losa Board of Trustees

Local team[edit]

Important information for grant-funded delegates[edit]

Please note the following:

  • Your travel and stay will be organised and paid for by GLAM Macedonia (thanks to WMF grant), using the information provided in the registration form. Please do not buy plane / train / bus tickets on your own, unless specifically asked to do so by our staff.
  • The scholarship covers: travel to/from Skopje (excluding travel from your place of residence to/from local airport/station), mini busses from airport to the hotel and back, accommodation, catering, conference participation, insurance.
  • The scholarship does not cover: travel from your place of residence to/from local airport/station.

Wikimedia Foundation staff[edit]

If you are a staff member / contractor for Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and you wish to be included in WMF's team for CEE Meeting 2022, please sort this out internally, using usual WMF channels. Generally speaking, in terms of costs, only travel costs are self-funded. Accommodation and other costs will be covered by the conference grant. WMF staff will be treated similarly to the self-funded delegates, but all the details will be sorted out by WMF or within WMF - GLAM Macedonia cooperation.

Invited speakers[edit]

A very limited number of invited speakers, not being the WMF staff or CEE Wikimedia affiliates' delegates may have covered their costs of travel if their submission is accepted by programme committee and the funds are available. Accommodation and meals are covered for every participants. We will contact them directly when the positive decision of invitation is made.

Friendly space policy[edit]

Taking into account that civility and assuming good faith are core principles of the Wikimedia movement, GLAM Macedonia expects all participants to abide to the Friendly Space Policy during all activities of CEE Meeting 2022. You will be asked to confirm your agreement to this policy in registration form.