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Next Level of organisational infrastructure - CiviCRM and OpenProject
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  • lecture
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  • Organisational development
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  • medium
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"Tell me what infrastructure you are using and I will tell you what results you get!"
Time, effort, energy and attention of our volunteers are one of our most valuable resources. Unfortunately, using rather simplistic or outdated infrastructure robes us of them, and that subsequently robes the world of the impact that we want to create.
You will learn why to advance your organisational infrastructure, with focus on OpenProject (project management) and CiviCRM (managing members, volunteers, events etc) - both of them can hugely boost your organisation, but are rather hard to start with. Came to this lecture to gain more from the follow-up trainings (OpenProject, CiviCRM).

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?
The deeper understanding of strategic usefulness of organisational infrastructure in general, and appropriateness of project management tool OpenProject and constituent relations management system CiviCRM in particular, will help participants to learn easier and more in the follow-up trainings about OpenProject and CiviCRM.
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