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General information[edit]

Registration for WMCEEM 2023 is open now!

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2023 is an annual conference centered on Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia and other related projects) in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (more recently, also in Central Asia). It features presentations on Wikimedia projects, other wikis, free/open source software, free knowledge and free content, and the social and technical aspects of these topics.

The WMCEEM23 is organized and hosted by Wikimedia UG Georgia (WMGE) in close collaboration with the Wikimedia CEE Hub and Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).

The Wikimedia CEE Meeting will be held from 15 to 17 September 2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Registration period[edit]

  • Registration period for representatives of Wikimedia affiliations (Chapters and User Groups): 1 April 2023, 00:00 (UTC+4) — 31 May 2023, 23:59 (UTC+4).
  • Registration period for self-funded participants and for everyone else: 1 April 2023, 00:00 (UTC+4) — 31 July 2023, 23:59 (UTC+4).

Check eligibility[edit]

It is crucial to check the subpage eligibility carefully before registering. The provided list shows your affiliation’s eligibility status and defines the number of delegates. The current affiliation list is final and can't be revised.

How to select the delegates[edit]


Chapters themselves must select their delegates to the conference through internal selection processes. At the same time, they must provide confirmation of the selection of delegates. Confirmation can be:

  • Minutes or resolution of the BoT;
  • Decision of the executive team;
  • Any other decision that the administration of the organization sanctions.

User Groups[edit]

User Groups, which have Bylaws and a formal Board of Trustees, can go through the same steps in selecting delegates as chapters. Accordingly, they must also provide the following confirmations when delegates are selected:

  • Minutes or resolution of the BoT;
  • Decision of the leaders/founders of UG or UG contact persons for WMF.

If the User Group doesn't have a formal structure, then they must consult with the community or members of the User Group and thus select their delegates. They can openly elect their delegates by voting on the Wikimedia projects. To do this, create a delegate selection page on Meta-Wiki, or on your local Wikimedia project, and start a discussion and then a vote. The election result must be provided to confirm the selection of delegates for the WMGE.


Communities without any affiliates (Chapters and User Groups) must elect their delegates through community consultations. Below are the steps that communities must take to select their delegates:

  1. Create a page or section in the village pump (or forum) and announce the process of selecting delegates for the conference, invite everyone (ping them) for the discussion;
  2. Invite community members to submit their candidacy as a delegate;
  3. Make sure that potential delegates have meaningful contributions to the Wikimedia community and projects who understand the essence of the Wikimedia Movement;
  4. Hold an open and transparent vote to identify future candidates;
  5. Submit the result to the WMCEEM 2023 Organizing Committee through the registration form.
  6. WMCEEM 2023 Organizing Committee will check the selected delegates' eligibility to participate in the conference.

If you have questions or difficulties with the delegate selection process, or if you need assistance, contact the WMCEEM 2023 team for help. Contact details are given below.

Recommendation for the selection of Delegates[edit]

While all affiliates and communities have the right to choose their own delegates, we still make the following recommendations to everyone when choosing their delegates:

  • To increase diversity and have more diverse points of view present at the Wikimedia CEE Meeting, we advise affiliates to send at least one non-male participant per organization/group;
  • Choose people who are active in the community and have experience in the movement;
  • Involved in the decision-making processes of the organization;
  • Striving to help shape the future of the movement.

Registration process[edit]

The registration process is one-step and simplified.

Delegates who their communities have selected must register using the Affiliate Delegate Registration Form (given below). All expenses for travel, accommodation, food, and transfer from the airport to the hotel and back (in Tbilisi only) will be organized and covered by WMGE. Please note that there will be no reimbursements. For your convenience, you can find all the questions from the Form here.

All others wishing to participate in the conference, including self-funded, Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) staff, and members of Wikimedia UG Georgia, must use the "Registration Form" (given below) and register for the conference.

Register Now![edit]

To register for the conference, select your form below and click it.

Affiliate Delegates Registration Form Registration Form


Georgia is a sovereign state, 20% of whose territory is occupied by the Russian Federation (Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region of Georgia). Georgia has a law on the occupied territories which aims to define the status of territories that have been occupied as a result of military aggression by the Russian Federation and to establish a special legal regime for these territories. Based on this law:

  • Foreign citizens and stateless persons shall be allowed to enter the occupied territories only with the permission of the Georgian authorities and along the routes designated by them.
  • Entry of the occupied territories by foreign citizens and stateless persons from any other direction, except from those defined by Georgian authorities, shall be prohibited and be punishable under the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Thus, if you have been to the occupied territory of Georgia, you should contact Wikimedia UG Georgia before registering or refuse to participate in the conference and visit Georgia.

Contact us[edit]

If you have any questions or comments, or if you need help from WMGE, please feel free to contact us via wmceem2023(_AT_)