Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2023/Submissions/Analysis of the programmes per community in the CEE Region

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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2023 Logo ID : 9 Analysis of the programmes per community in the CEE Region
Author(s): Barbara Klen, Toni Ristovski Username(s): Barbara Klen and Toni Ristovski Type of submission: panel
Affiliation: CEE Hub Theme(s): Diversity

CEE Hub staff wants to share their own analysis of the programmes and projects that communities/affiliates from the CEE Region were/are implementing during the past couple of years. This shows which communities share similar interests and consequently implement same programmes and projects in their work, but it is also a good example of differences between the communities/affiliates. This analysis can be a starting point for future collaborations between different communities/affiliates, where they can share their knowledge/perspective with one another, and/or an opportunity to start with their own initiatives. Additionally, this analysis can be used by all other communities/affiliates to start something new, or to adapt a similar project/programme that is working quite well in other communities/affiliates.

Level of advancement: medium
Special requirements:
How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of CEE?

We expect attendees to learn more about the work of others in the region by seeing similar and different patterns between communities/affiliates. Attendees will get an overview of initiatives/projects/activities that are implemented in the CEE thereby it will be easier for anyone to start corporations or to start a new initiative in their community/affiliate.

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