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Title of the submission

Opportunities for 1Lib1Ref in CEE

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  • Panel
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  • Wikimedia Foundation
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  • Basic capacity development
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Librarians are a critical part of the knowledge ecosystem in any part of the world. Their services have preserved and most often led researchers and seekers of knowledge to the right content. However in an era of Wikipedia where everyone can play a role in knowledge curation, librarians are even more needed to ensure that information reaching the masses are properly sourced or verifiable. The 1lib1ref campaign has over the years been a pivotal tool for librarian recruitment into our movement and the campaign has also been the avenue to improve the reliability and quality of articles on Wikipedia. In recent iterations of the campaign, we have been able to iterate on partnership strategies library networks to grow community participation both in the CEE region, and in other communities, such as in Africa in May 2020. This panel will reflect on our successes and failures, lessons learned and discuss how to involve the CEE region more in the coming years.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

The session will provide opportunities on how to take advantage of 1lib1ref to increase contribution from the CEE region.

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