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A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header

MTS Info icon.svg This is a list of articles about a country in Central and Eastern Europe region. This list is created for a cross-border collaboration project by voluntary contributors and therefore it only reflects their subjective opinion. Presence or non-presence of a topic in the list is not related to its objective importance or lack of it. This page is open for changes and further contributions.

Article lists for Hungary[edit]

P art-green.png a. Culture

P biology-green.png b. Nature / Geography

P agriculture-green.png c. Economics

P social sciences-green.png d. Society

P sport-green.png e. Sports

P ps-green.png f. Politics

P transport-green.png g. Transport

  • Transport in Hungary(en)

P history-green.png h. History

P chemist-green.png i. Science

P literature-green.png j. Education

Female Icon.svg k. Women

Article lists by country[edit]