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MTS Info icon.svg This is a list of articles about a country in Central and Eastern Europe region. This list is created for a cross-border collaboration project by voluntary contributors and therefore it only reflects their subjective opinion. Presence or non-presence of a topic in the list is not related to its objective importance or lack of it. This page is open for changes and further contributions.

Article lists for Montenegro[edit]

P art-green.png a. Culture

P biology-green.png b. Nature / Geography

P agriculture-green.png c. Economics

  1. Economy of Montenegro (Q2093187)
  2. Montenegro Stock Exchange (Q4513926)
  3. Pošta Crne Gore (Q1320833)
  4. Tourism in Montenegro (Q1967273)
  5. Port of Bar

P social sciences-green.png d. Society

  1. Montenegrins (Q19109)
  2. Demographics of Montenegro (Q2346276)
  3. Religion in Montenegro (Q3407314)
  4. Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral (Q1925809)
  5. Roman Catholicism in Montenegro (Q550277)
  6. Languages of Montenegro (Q3347136)
  7. Leopold Mandić (Q733433)

P sport-green.png e. Sports

  1. Sport in Montenegro
  2. Nikola Mirotić
  3. Nikola Vučević

P ps-green.png f. Politics

  1. Parliament of Montenegro (Q1579497)
  2. Milo Đukanović (Q200305)
  3. Momir Bulatović (Q715893)
  4. Filip Vujanović (Q57542)
  5. Flag of Montenegro (Q162980)
  6. Oj, svijetla majska zoro (Q157999)

P transport-green.png g. Transport

  1. Podgorica Airport (Q844825)

P history-green.png h. History

  1. Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006 (Q1131784)
  2. Socialist Republic of Montenegro (Q838291)
  3. Uprising in Montenegro (Q1566835)
  4. Duklja (Q1252942)
  5. History of Montenegro (Q628024)
  6. Kingdom of Montenegro (Q386496)
  7. Nicholas I (Q283255)
  8. Danilo I (Q1262875)

P chemist-green.png i. Science

  1. Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (Q1288913)

P literature-green.png j. Education

  1. Gorski Vijenac (cs)

Female Icon.svg k. Women

  1. Osanna of Cattaro (Q2629566)
  2. Katarina Bulatović (Q335421)
  3. Danka Kovinić (Q5219935)
  4. Vesna Zmijanac (Q453098)

Article lists by country[edit]