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Wikimedia CEE Spring 2015/Structure/Romania

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A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header
A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header

This is a list of articles about a country in Central and Eastern Europe region. This list is created for a cross-border collaboration project by voluntary contributors and therefore it only reflects their subjective opinion. Presence or non-presence of a topic in the list is not related to its objective importance or lack of it. This page is open for changes and further contributions.

Article lists for Romania


a. Culture

  1. Culture of Romania (Q1972914)
  2. Count Dracula (Q3266236)
  3. Romanian wine (Q1319565)
  4. Cozonac, the quintessentially Romanian dessert (Q1776997)
  5. Merry Cemetery, the world-renowned happy cemetery at Săpânța (Q965491)
  6. Palace of the Parliament, the heaviest building in the world, and the second largest (Q164150)
  7. Dobruja, one of Romania's ethnic melting pots (Q182660)
  8. Cristian Mungiu, movie director who won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2007 (Q314353)
  9. Wooden churches of Maramureș (Q828412)
  10. Marcel Iureș (Q606248)
  11. Corneliu Baba (Q983262)
  12. Mihai Eminescu (Q184935)

b. Nature / Geography

  1. Danube Delta (Q184429)
  2. Sphinx (Q3623938)
  3. Retezat National Park (Q204931)
  4. Scărișoara Cave (Q775801)
  5. Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park (Q168372)
  6. Ceahlău Massif (Q870349)
  7. Piatra Craiului Mountains (Q1072058)
  8. Babele (Q797624)

c. Economics

  1. Romanian leu (Q131645)
  2. Fondul Proprietatea (Q3075946)
  3. BET-10 (Q795840)
  4. National Bank of Romania (Q967861)
  5. Bucharest Stock Exchange (Q1003245)
  6. Banca Transilvania (Q806161)
  7. Economy of Romania (Q280832)
  8. Romania and the euro (Q2001248)
  9. Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant (Q1248956)

d. Society

  1. Romanians (Q485150)
  2. Romani people in Romania (Q923163)
  3. Romanian Orthodox Church (Q181901)
  4. Great Union Day (Q2360641)
  5. Romanian nationality law (Q7362646)
  6. Capital punishment in Romania (Q2067154)
  7. Demographics of Romania (Q3317516)

e. Sports

  1. Lavinia Miloșovici (Q265971)
  2. Simona Halep (Q230156)
  3. Nadia Comăneci (Q33228)
  4. Ilie Năstase (Q106113)
  5. Mihai Leu, former world champion at boxing, turned national rally champion (Q722185)
  6. Gheorghe Hagi (Q189892)

f. Politics

  1. President of Romania (Q839139)
  2. Social Democratic Party (Q752435)
  3. Nicolae Ceaușescu, all-around bad guy (Q80504)
  4. National Liberal Party (Q686228)
  5. Romanian presidential impeachment referendum, 2007 (Q2721619)

g. Transport

  1. Bucharest Metro (Q622884)
  2. Henri Coandă International Airport (Q257631)
  3. Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (Q843229)
  4. Transfăgărășan, hailed by Top Gear as the best road in the world (Q934803)
  5. Danube–Black Sea Canal, a wonderful economic boon and a dreadful Communist labor camp at the same time (Q592260)
  6. Transalpina (Q3123382)

h. History

  1. Kingdom of Romania (Q203493)
  2. Greater Romania (Q581325)
  3. Carol I of Romania (Q57146)
  4. Mircea cel Bătrân, the prince who might've won a crusade, if anyone cared to listen (Q322043)
  5. Burebista (Q309869)
  6. Decebalus (Q28928)

i. Science

  1. Gheorghe Marinescu (Q1521586)
  2. Victor Babeș (Q278216)
  3. Dumitru Prunariu (Q446692)
  4. Henri Coandă (Q328760)
  5. George Emil Palade (Q219718)
  6. Alexandru Proca (Q2277954)
  7. Theodor V. Ionescu (Q7781627)
  8. Gheorghe Țițeica, mathematician and all-around amazing guy (Q10564973)

j. Education

  1. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Q1523902)
  2. Babeș-Bolyai University (Q538452)
  3. Education in Romania (Q5372165)
  4. Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Q1916637)

k. Women

  1. Herta Müller (Q38049)
  2. Inna (Q12349)
  3. Paula Seling (Q237439)
  4. Luminița Anghel (Q254558)
  5. Ana Aslan (Q270262)
  6. Elena Gheorghe (Q236044)
  7. Maia Morgenstern (Q178077)
  8. Alma Redlinger (Q4733594)
  9. Angela Gheorghiu (Q159092)

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