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Wikimedia CEE[1] Spring is an international event, organised by Wikipedians and Wikimedians of Central and Eastern Europe, aiming the creation and expansion of articles about each and every country, language and region in the region on every Wikipedia language version in the region.

The event takes place from 21 March to 31 May 2016. During this period a competition will be held in every participating language version of Wikipedia, focusing on the writing of articles in categories like history, culture and people of every country, region and language in the region. There is a grant proposal for prize money of 400 Euro for each participating country, willing to abide to the international rules of the contest.

Article Lists[edit]

About other countries/regions/languages[edit]

About our country/region/language[edit]

Add a link to country

Winning Criteria[edit]


Describe the criteria for choosing the winner in your community, e.g. number of articles, number of bytes added,


Add the names of your jury members if you decide to have some'

Participants and results[edit]

Add a list of participants and results here, e.g.

Place Participant List of participant's contributions Number of articles Number of bytes Notes
1 User:Example User:Example/Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016 22 12381722 notes

List of created and expanded articles during CEE Spring 2016[edit]

The international team is working on a bot for automatically creating this list. In order to make that possible, the participants have to add a template like Template:CEE Spring 2016


You can add statistics here, e.g.

  • number of created and expanded articles per country/language/region,
  • number of created and expanded articles per category,
  • number of created and expanded articles about people per gender,


Contact persons[edit]

Add the names of the local organisers here

External links[edit]

Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016 - meta page of the contest


  1. Central and Eastern Europe