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Wikimedia CH/50Y Swiss Women's Suffrage/Documentation

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Resources & Documentation

Welcome to the resources and documentation page. In this section we want to give you some inspiration about ongoing community-driven Wikimedia projects, available resources in the Wiki universe but also external resources such as web archives and additional links. Moreover, we want to give you the opportunity to enrich the page with relevant resources, material and links as well as to add highlights and stories of your activities and document the results and achievements in closing more and more the content and knowledge gap about the history of women's suffrage in Switzerland and women's biographies in Wikipedia.

Resources & Links

Below we collected some resources around "50 years Women's Suffrage in Switzerland". Since this is a collaborative project, we invite you to add additional links, if relevant. Moreover, we would appreciate very much if somebody would create and add an overview list on missing women's articles or existing articles to be enhanced or translated with relevance to this topic. When using material, please make sure you respect the copyright policies of the archives as well as the ones for the Wikimedia projects. If you are not sure, please contact the respective institution to clarify the rights and inform yourself if the material is either in public domain or available under a CC BY SA license.

Community-driven Projects

If you want to inform yourself about or actively participate in community-driven Wikimedia projects around women's biographies, please find below some interesting links:

Events Highlights & Stories

As event organizers share your story with us in this section.

Wikipedia Workshop at Solothurner Filmtage

  • The Wikipedia Workshop & Edit-a-thon in four languages at the Solothurner Filmtage was organized by Who writes his_tory? In collaboration with the Solothurner Filmtage, the Cinémathèque Suisse and Wikimedia CH. With approx. 50 participants it was a great occasion to work together on Swiss Women Filmmaker and their achievements as well as to get in contact with some Filmmakers such as Gertrud Pinkus and Lucienne Lanaz as well as Camerawomen Christine Munz. A big thank you to all organizers and participants! Please find below a little highlights video from this event.

Wikipedia Workshop at Historical Museum Olten

  • With the support of the Historical Museum Olten and Diego Haettenschwiler, it was possible to organize a hybrid event for this edit-a-thon. Luisa Bertolaccini, the Museum's Director, has exclusively lead the workshop participants through the closed exhibition "Women Pioneers. An Appreciation". We were allowed to screen record the museum tour and the following discussion. For facilitating this event, we chose a low-level technical set-up. Most important for us was the possibility to learn about the exhibition and receive access to research and material. During the Wikipedia workshop, Lukas Gerber supported the voluntary community in answering questions and requests by email. In Switzerland, Museums are allowed to re-open by beginning of March. Therefore, you can visit the Historical Museum Olten and this important exhibition until August 8, 2021. Please follow the link to a little highlights video from the live tour and the Q&A session.

"Hall of Women"

As contributor to this collaborative project, thank you for adding a woman's portrait of either your Wikimedia Commons upload, or your wikipedia article on a woman's biography you have been working on, if a portrait is available. There is some articles coverage on pioneers regarding Swiss women's suffrage. Nevertheless, many portraits are missing in the Wikipedia women's biographies. It would be a great achievement, if within this year, GLAM institutions would donate some portraits images of influencing Swiss and foreign women to be uploaded in Wikimedia Commons.

Documentation of Results

As an event organizer, a volunteer or an institution supporting and donating digitized media collections, thank you for sharing your work and contribution to this project in this section.

Documentation by Event

Event / Documentation Links Comment
Edit-a-thon les Inconnues (Bibliothèque/thek de Fribourg) 19.01.2021
Project page with list of articles Link list of articles up to 14 participants
Outreach Dashboard Link dashboard
56. Solothurner Filmtage 26.01.2021
Project page with list of articles Link list of articles up to 52 participants, many new authors
29 editors, worked on approx. 35 new articles
and editing 106
Outreach Dashboard Link to dashboard
Wikipedia for Peace 01.-07.02.2021
Project page with list of articles Link list of articles up to 15 participants, working on approx. 26 articles /
several image uploads incl. portraits pictures
EPFL Edit-a-thon "Women in Science" 11.02.2021
Project page with list of articles Link list of articels up to 30 participants
Outreach Dashboard Link to dashboard
Historical Museum Olten Edit-a-thon "Women Pioneers" 27.02.2021
Project page with list of articles Link event page & list of articles Hybrid event with live exhibition tour, up to 15 participants
New List Link list of women from the canton of Solothurn
Historical Museum Luzern Edit-a-thon "Eine Stimme haben" 27.03.2021
Outreach Dashboard Link to dashboard Online event up to 11 participants
Frauenbewegungen-Mouvements féministes Biel-Bienne 29.05.2021
Project page with list of articles m:https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Frauenbewegungen-Mouvements_féministes_Biel-Bienne In presence event, 4 German-language participants, 4 French-language participants
Outreach dashboard Outreach Dasboard
Weekend femmes en politique étrangère/Women in international policy 06-07.11.2021
Project page with list of articles fr:Projet:Weekend femmes en politique étrangère 9 participants, 3 new articles in English, 3 new articles in German, and 3 new articles French, and a total of 16 articles improved. Improvement on passages of a text on Wikisource
Outreach Dashboard Outreach Dashboard
Le sexe faible ? 04.12.2021
Project page with list of articles fr:Projet:Le sexe faible ? 7 participants, 3 new articles, 3 improved articles, 1 upload to Wikimedia Commons
Outreach Dashboard [1]

Wikimedia Commons: Documentation by Images / Collections Uploads

Institution Description Links
ETH Library Zurich Donation of 29 images about women's suffrage in Switzerland Link to images in Wikimedia Commons
PTT Archive Donation of 51 images about women's suffrage and women's at PTT Link to images in Wikimedia Commons
Link to MFK website dossier

Documentation by Articles

Nr. Image Article Description Language/s Wikidata