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Wikimedia CH/Call for projects 2015

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In order to prepare the 2014-2015 Wikimedia CH FDC application, the budget and the associated annual plan, Wikimedia CH is making its third public Call for Projects. Please note that this program plan may not be the definitive Wikimedia CH 2015 program plan, but only the one included in the next FDC proposal. Also note that the inclusion of a project in the Wikimedia CH FDC application do not guarantee the funding of the project.


The Wikimedia community members and like-minded communities are invited to propose two types of inputs, "ideas" and "projects"

What's an Idea[edit]

Inspired by the Idealab of the WMF, we want to have a way for wikimedians to propose and elaborate concept that can turn into project or be include in other projects. Ideas are also intend to help Wikimedia CH to evaluate the budget needed for the Community Support program.


  1. July 1st, launch of the call
  2. July 1st start of the community review
  3. August 17th, end of application
  4. August 23th, end of the community review
  5. August 27th, end of the review process by the CSO and Annual plan proposal
  6. September 1st, approbation by the board of the 2014 annual plan, basis of the FDC application
  7. September 15th, publication of the FDC application on meta
  8. October 1st, Application to the FDC dead line


just use the talk page :-)

Submit your idea[edit]

If you have an idea and would like that wikimedia CH help you to realize it, you have several way to do it. The easiest is to contact us directly by email at info(at)wikimedia.ch and we will decide together the best way. Wikimedia CH supports the Idealab, and encourage you to use it to propose you idea, even for a Wikimedia CH funding.

Write the name of the project and click submit. You will be redirected in a new page where starting to write the project.