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Wikimedia CH/Call for projects 2017

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The call for project 2017 is closed. Please refer to the call for project 2018
Call for Projects 2017

Thank you for participating at the Idea Creation Workshop in July! Following this event, we are launching a Call for Projects/Programmes to the members of our community in order to establish our Annual Plan 2017. Please note that in order for the project/programme to be eligible, it will:

Have to fit one of the following directions, i.e. GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), Education and Community (support, bridge, train).

We value in particular projects/programmes tackling diversity or technology/know-how into account.
If you have a Wikimedia project that you wish to implement and that would possibly fit into the Association’s annual plan for 2017, please submit a proposal through the template below.
Please keep in mind, that considering the Association’s human resources, we can only act as enablers for the community and cannot implement the projects on behalf of the community. We can however support your initiatives via financial means, by communicating about your project, by providing advice on project management or even by putting you in touch with other members of the community for instance.
Upon receipt of the proposals, we (WMCH staff and Board) will select those initiatives that fit most closely into our plans. We are indeed in the process of drafting a 3-year strategy which will outline where we are heading and what we want to achieve as an Association. Given the short time-frame before proposals have to be submitted to the FDC for funding (September), we prefer launching the call for proposals already now, even if the strategy is not completely ready yet. We are indeed looking into implementing this process annually from now on, so as to provide the opportunity for members of the community to submit projects for the following year. This year will be a first pilot using the information we currently have.
Thanks for your understanding!
Submissions in your mothertongue are of course very welcome (German, English, Italian, French). The deadline for your submissions is set for August 29th, 2017, COB. Please note that we will not be able to give you any feedback before at least mid-September.

Eligibility criteria

  • Individuals, groups, and organizations may apply.
You are eligible if you're currently active in a Wikimedia project in one of the Swiss languages (German, French, Italian or Romansh) AND living in Switzerland, or a country with no Wikimedia chapter, or a country with a chapter not receiving FDC funding.
Furthermore members of Wikimedia CH (>6 months membership) are also eligible. WMCH-members living abroad in a country where there is a chapter receiving FDC money will be asked to indicate why they don't apply for grants at their local chapter.
  • Funds are typically for direct expenses and not used to pay for people’s time. We support volunteer participation. Please note that participation that is tied to paid work is not eligible for funding.
  • Grantees must adhere to the Friendly space expectations and have some type of Friendly space policy for in-person events.
  • You must agree to the reporting requirements, be willing to sign a grant agreement and provide Wikimedia CH with information needed to process your funding.

Selection criteria


When selecting applications we consider the following criteria:

  • Strategic priority: Does your project fit within our multi-year strategy: GLAM, Education, Community
  • Potential outcomes and impact: What are the concrete outcomes that are anticipated as a result of the activities? What difference do you expect your project to make?
  • Contribution record: Do you have a history of engaging with Wikimedia projects and communities?
  • Support and endorsement: Do you have sufficient volunteers to complete the project and endorsements from a diversity of community members?

Submit your project


Please click the button "Submit Project" to create your project proposal. Please note that you can submit your request in one of the following languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh or English.

Submitted projects


The submitted proposals will be listed here: