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Wikimedia CH/Grant apply

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Grants of Wikimedia CH

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When to Apply

  • You may submit your grant request or report in any Swiss languages (French, German, Italian and Romansh) or in English.
  • You may submit your application depending on the type of the grant:
    • All year round for Micro-grant;
    • All year round for rapid grants;
    • From January 1st to September 17th for project grants for the following year.

How to Apply

  1. Read our guidelines and make sure you and your request meet the criteria for support.
  2. Use the button below to submit your application and to create the page on Meta. Grant applications can be written in any Swiss language (French, German, Italian and Romansh) or in English. If you have difficulties to hand in your application online, please get in contact with the WMCH team through the contact in the next paragraph. We can help you putting it online as we wish to have all grant applications online for transparency.
  3. Send an email grant(_AT_)wikimedia.ch to confirm your application.

Next Steps

  1. Eligibility: the WMCH's grant committee checks the proposals as they're submitted to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. Those that do not meet the criteria are returned to draft status and applicants are notified. Those that are determined eligible are marked for review by Wikimedia CH.
  2. Review: Wikimedia CH evaluates projects. We evaluate each batch of rapid grants once a month and the projects grants once a year and accept the best proposals in alignment with the Wikimedia CH strategy and annual plan. The grant can also be accepted, but there is to check if the budget is sufficient. Wikimedia CH can receive for instance more requests than the budget and a project cannot be financed or can be partially financed.
  3. Finalization: WMCH's  program officer grant committee  decides whether the grant request is accepted. If necessary, this step may include an interview of the applicant with a Programme Officer leader from WMCH. If your proposal is selected, you'll be notified and asked to submit verifying documentation (legal name, address, bank coordinates, etc) to WMCH for final approval.
  4. Agreement: As soon as approved, you will receive a grant agreement to sign and to provide Wikimedia CH with the information needed to process your funding in a timely manner. In case applicants have or look for co-funding, WMCH needs to be informed right away.
  5. Project reporting: You must also agree to the reporting and monitoring requirements. Any detail about how to report can be found here.
  6. Closure: The grant will be considered closed as soon as you receive the confirmation from Wikimedia CH that we have received your final report and the grant is paid.

Funds transfer


The funds may be transfered in two options:

  1. Reimbursement: The funds will be transfered after presentation of the final report and the expenses reports (See step 6 of the section Next Steps). Expense reports and relevant invoices or tickets need to be handed in 30 days after the expense at the latest.
  2. Advance: The funds will be transfered before starting the project but after the signature of the agreement (See the step 5 of the section Next Steps).

Relevant invoices or tickets need to be handed in 30 days after the expense at the latest.

For advance in Projects grants (more than 5'001 CHF) the money will be transferred in two steps:

  1. one part after the signature of an agreement;
  2. the second part after the publication of the midpoint report.

In case of reimbursement as well as advance, all expense reports and invoices/tickets need to be handed by Dec. 1st of the grant year. Expenses for workshops taking place in December need to be handed in by Dec. 18th.

Submit your grants request


Please provide a title to your project and click the button "Request" to create your proposal. Please note that you can submit your request in one of the following 5 languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh or English.

Questions & answers


For any question please email to grant(_AT_)wikimedia.ch