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Please find below Wikimedia CH's 3rd newsletter for 2019.
If you would like to publish an event or activity through this newsletter, feel free to send us a message at We wish you a good reading!


General Assembly, 13. April[edit]

The annual General Assembly of our association took place on Saturday, April 13, in Fribourg in the Gutenberg Museum. Over 20 members, the board and all staff members were present. All motions were voted, and the minutes of the event will be available next month.

Matthias Heck retired from the board, and was thanked by the General Assembly for his work on the board and for his help organizing the 2018 German-language WikiCon. Jon Becker, a retired lawyer, was elected to the board. All other members remained, and promised to communicate better about their coming meetings, by sharing their minutes on this wiki.

As was asked during the General Assembly, we share the results of our 2017 Community survey, which can be found on this page.

What happened in the past month?[edit]

WikiNeoComensia at Laténium, 27. March[edit]

For the next month, LuciOle will be training museology students from the University of Neuchâtel during their seminar at Laténium. The aim of the workshop is to improve the content about local archaeology, and hopefully, to train future museum personnel to edit Wikipedia and share the result of their research, as well as the knowledge conserved by their future employers.

Les sans pagEs workshops in Geneva, 27. March and 10. April[edit]

Les sans pagEs at the Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie, March 2019

Les sans pagEs participated in the March Art+Feminism campaign, and organised a workshop with our longtime partner, the Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie in Geneva. Nattes à chat taught three new participants learned how to edit Wikipedia, two librarians joined in, and a surprise visit from Yann completed the day. The 12 participants created 9 new articles about women artists from several historical times, and added Wikidata entries. The whole results can be seen here.

The next month, les sans pagEs held their fifth workshop at the en:MAMCO. Two of the newbies from March attended this new workshop, as well as two new beginners. Nattes à chat had coached Galahmm to give an introduction to Wikipedia and so she was able to lead the workshop for the first time, and did it clearly and efficiently. Three new artists from MAMCO were added to Wikipedia, and many articles were improved.

Wikidata and GLAM event in Bern, 28. March[edit]

Luciole, Gilliane, and Baptiste started organizing this event in August 2018. Their aim was to gather feedback from GLAM institutions that participated to Wikimedia projects, and to share what they had learned, and introduce them to Wikidata. Several former and current partners of Wikimedia CH gave presentations, and the exchanges were very insightful in terms of GLAM needs. The whole program can be seen here.

Wikidata workshop in Lausanne, 29. March[edit]

Since Shonagon had been invited to talk the day before about his work on Wikidata and art, LuciOle and WMCH asked him to give a Wikidata workshop in Lausanne. He taught 17 Wikimedians of several levels of experience to edit works of art on Wikidata. The event can be seen on this page. Here is the course support (in French), if you'd like to access it.



Wikimedia+Education Conference 2019: San Sebastian[edit]

From 5th to 7th April the Wikimedia conference on education has been held in San Sebastián with around hundred participants from all Wikimedia communities. In this specific case Wikimedia Switzerland has presented the results of the first study done with the association Albinit, the experience with Wiki for children and our member Gabriel Thullen presented the results of his activity in Africa with Kiwix.

Devoxx4kids in Lugano[edit]

The 6th April Wikimedia CH participated to the Devoxx4kids in Lugano. This time the main topic has been the mapping using OpenStreetMap. Five tutors trained around 100 students to the use of OpenStreetMap and how map Wikipedia articles using this project.


Wikipedia for Peace 26. April - 5. May[edit]

Swiss Open Street Map Association
Wikipedia 4 Peace

This year Wikimedia CH will support again Wikipedia for Peace in Mont Soleil. For ten days, 12 people from around the world will come together to write and edit Wikipedia content about topics related to the peace, social justice, and Earth's climate. The page of the project is available for any detail.

Castle-Dossier 27. April[edit]

Several other cantons are also interested in such a cooperation between OSM and WMCH, but in this first pilot program we initially only consider the locations of castles and palaces in Aargau and Zurich. However, if you are interested in the subject, but do not live in one of the two cantons, you should join us on this occasion to see what we are doing and then to independently organize a corresponding event in your home canton. Travel expenses will be reimbursed on request. We meet on April 27 from 10.30 o'clock at Lenzburg Castle … Projectpage (in German)

Call for contributions, WikiConvention francophone, 4. April to 12. May[edit]

If you would like to give a presentation at the 2019 WikiConvention francophone, now is your chance to submit your proposal! The page can be found here. On the same page, you can also see what has already been submitted, and perhaps get inspired for your own presentation.

Carlo Amoretti tour: Lonate Pozzolo 11. May[edit]

Carlo Amoretti (1741-1816)

The 11th May it will start the Carlo Amoretti tour, a long program of edit-a-thons around Insubria. Retracing the steps of the scientist and adventurer Carlo Amoretti among the territories of Insubria, the Wikipedian community will propose a visit to Lonate Pozzolo, once located on the Austro-Piedmontese border. This is the first event of a long program that will continue in June in Como.

International Museum Day, 19. May[edit]

Like last year, Wikimedia CH will contribute to International Museum's Day, which will take place on Sunday, May 19th. You can already see here a map based on Wikidata about museums that have an article in German, French, Italian, and English, or in one, two, or none of those languages, so that Wikipedians know which ones need to be added to which Wikipedia(s). We will share a page on meta early May to launch the campaign: look out for the banner!

In addition to the online event, we will have two local events, one at the SBB-dépôt in Olten and another at the Museum of natural history of Geneva.

Dico des ados in Sierre, 22. May[edit]

A project close to the wiktionary, but for teenagers, Dico des ados is going to be showcased in Sierre, on May 22d. The event is mainly for French-language children from 8 to 14, but adults, especially teachers, are welcome. The Wikimedia CH team has been invited to discover the project. If you are interested to join the event, please get in touch with Flor.

Wiki for peace @ Europride, Vienna, 11.-16. June[edit]

Vienna will host the 2019 Europride. Wikimedia Austria is supporting volunteers that are organizing a Wiki for peace event on this occasion. The project page can be found here.

Invitation to the GLAM-on-Tour on 20.-23. June[edit]

Monastary Paradies with Iron Library (right-hand building with crow-stepped gable)

From the 20th to the 23rd of June the biannual GLAM-on-Tour will take place this time in the Iron Library in the Paradies Monastery near Schaffhausen. This company archive holds partly unified archival materials for steel production and processing, dating back to the early 13th century. In addition to numerous biographies, textbooks on various sciences and auxiliary sciences can be viewed here, which can enrich the article inventory and their quality from Wikipedia. Many historical illustrations would also enrich our inventory. There is the opportunity to request and upload scans this weekend.

In addition, we will be able to have some visits, both of the current production facilities, as well as earlier company and manufacturing buildings and of course the monastery, including the monastery church and the archive. Expert guidance is guaranteed.

Project Page (German)

Registration is possible until 2 June 2019. Incidental accommodation and travel costs will be refunded. A membership in our association is not necessary, but based on previous edits an interest in a productive and collaborative work should be recognizable.

List of Coming Events[edit]


This table contains the upcoming events until the delivery of our next newsletter and some important events later this year. You will also find some more events - also from like-minded organisations - directly in the WMCH calendar.

Start Date End Date Event Where Link Type
2019-04-26 18:00 2019-05-05 09:00 Wiki4Peace - Workcamp with SCI Mont Soleil BE Wikipedia for Peace WikipediaEduBelow.svg
2019-04-27 10:30 2019-04-27 17:30 Burgen-Dossier Schloss Lenzburg AG Burgen-Dossier in Zus.arbeit mit SOSM SOSM-Logo v0.90.svg
2019-04-27 18:00 2019-04-27 23:00 Stammtisch Lenzburg AG Wikipedia:Zürich Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-05-11 09:00 2019-05-11 17:30 Editathon in Lonate Pozzolo (Italy) Lonate Pozzolo Project page - Event page Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-05-17 09:00 2019-05-19 14:00 Wikimedia Hackathon Prague :m:Wikimedia%2BEducation Conference 2019 Wikimedia Foundation Logo.png
2019-05-19 00:00 2019-05-19 00:00 International Museum Day DACH m:Wikimedia DACH/Museum Day 2019 GLAM logo.png
2019-06-06 14:00 2019-06-06 20:00 Wikipedia-Atelier in der Nationalbibliothek zu Eduard Spelterini Bern WikiProjekt_Schweiz/Atelier Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-06-07 18:00 2019-06-10 18:00 WikiAlpenforum WAF Liechtenstein WAFtreff 300 Jahre Fürstentum Liechtenstein Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-06-15 13:00 2019-06-15 17:00 Genève sur Wikipédia: la musique genevoise Genève GE fr:Projet:Bibliothèque_de_la_Cité/Genève GLAM logo.png