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Please find below Wikimedia CH's 4th newsletter for 2019.
If you would like to publish an event or activity through this newsletter, feel free to send us a message at We wish you a good reading!


Job opening: Administrative and Fundraising Officer[edit]

Oliver Roelli will be leaving Wikimedia CH at the middle of July, and we are looking for a new administrative and fundraising officer, 60%. The job description can be found here, and it is possible to apply until June 17th.

Minutes for the General Assembly[edit]

The General Assembly took place on April, 13th in Fribourg. Matthias Heck left the board after a year of devoted service as Switzerland hosted the first German-language WikiCon in St-Gall. A new board member, Jon Becker, was elected. To know more about this General Assembly, members can read the minutes on this page.

What happened in the past months?[edit]

Wikipedia for Peace 26. April - 5. May[edit]

Participants in their classroom during Wikipedia 4 Peace

Wikipedia for Peace had its 2nd edition on Mont Soleil, to introduce and practice Wikipedia for newcomers, who were interested in items of peace, social justice, and Earth's climate and their man and women of action. Organized together with en:Service Civil International, for ten days twelve people from around Europe came and lived together, unified in the spirit, to enlarge and improve Wikipedia content. More than 100 articles has been translated to their mother langues, that is Finnish, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovenian, Serbian, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Lao, Catalan and French. The results of the project are available for detail sight.

International Museum Day, May 19th[edit]

Tyranosaurus Rex

A small crowd attended the Geneva event, but it will lead to the expansion of the related Category in Commons in the coming months: the T-rex skull dates from that visit. Others came to SBB Historic to Olten. Four small groups were led through the narrow corridors between the wagons and got an insight into a locomotive to introduce the tasks of the men at the beginning of the electricity era. After about one hour, WMCH had the opportunity to introduce themselves about the work insight Wikipedia. That's why we've built an information booth with self-explanatory panels that focus on our railroad work.

Dico des Ados in Sierre, May 22d[edit]

Wikimedia CH met one of the members in Sierre as he offered a workshop for teenagers around a youth-adapted Wiktionary wiki, the Dico des ados. His pupils attended, as well as a few beginners. The tool, only in French so far, seems quite interesting to work with for teachers, and Wikimedia CH is looking to see if the project can join the association's education program.

Noircir Wikipedia (ie Making Wikipedia blacker), May 25th[edit]

Two Wikipedians started a project called "Noircir Wikipedia", in order to add more Afrodescendent and African people's biographies and cultural topics on the encyclopedia, as they are underrepresented. You can read their interview by local press (in French) here. The project is international, and will also take place in France: the first workshop in Paris took place on June 1st.

Amoretti team lands in Nesso (Como), June 1st[edit]

Nesso and the waterfall

The 1st June Amoretti team landed in Nesso on the Lake of Como. By boat 24 wikipedians and students arrived early in this famous village developed around a waterfall even reported by Leonardo da Vinci in the Codex Atlanticus. After a visit to the village and its churches, the group gathered in the municipal house where they wrote the articles related to the town, uploaded pictures and mapped the territory. Two experts of the history of the village were present to support the group and to report the historical memory of this small but nice village on the shores of the lake.


International Archive week, June 3rd-9th[edit]

We invite you to help us complete and improve the presence of Swiss Archives on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. Here is the project page, it contains a map to help you find out which archives need more presence on Wikipedia.

Wikimania, call for presentations until June 9th, scholarships until June 23rd[edit]

Wikimania2019 logo

Wikimania 2019 will take place in Stockholm from August 14th-18th. Registrations are open, and presentations can be submitted here by June 9th.

Wikimedia CH offers scholarships for active Wikimedians. They cover transportation, hotel (max 3 nights) from the 16th to the 18th, and registration fees. To check your eligibility, you can consult conditions of eligibility on this page.

To apply, contact before June 23rd your Community Liaison.

Workshop at Bibliothèque de la Cité, June 15th[edit]

The last workshop at Bibliothèque de la Cité will take place on June 15th, from 1PM to 5PM. Beginners should attend from 1PM on, as Mourad or Flor will introduce them to Wikipedia at the start of the workshop. The topic for this time will be music, with a small bibliography devoted to women in music, to continue the effort started by the strike of the 14th. Here is the workshop page.

Scholarships for the WikiConvention francophone, apply by June 17th[edit]

The WikiConvention francophone 2019 will take place in Brussels to Friday 6th to Sunday 8th, September 2019.

Wikimedia CH is offering eight grants for active Wikip·medians to participate to this meeting. For information, active contribution means a minimum of 5 edits per month. All the eligibility conditions for grants (including for people that are not planning to give a presentation) are detailed on this page. Grants are reserved first for Wikimedians based in Switzerland, but if any remains, they can be given to Wikimedians from countries that have no chapter.

Open Heritage exhibition with UNESCO at Waisenhausplatz in Bern June 18th-22d[edit]

Tomb of Cyrus the Great, one of the Commons pictures UNESCO will be exhibiting

UNESCO, WMIT and WMSE collaborated to create this online exhibition with images of world heritage found on Commons. It then was exhibited "in real life" in Sweden and then Italy. The exhibition's nex stop will be Bern. For those in or close to Bern, you will be able to see it at Waisenhausplatz from June 18th to 22d, for the rest, we hope you enjoy the online version!

Les sans pagEs @ MAMCO, June 19th[edit]

The last workshop of the sans pagEs at MAMCO will take place on Wednesday June 19th from 12h to 17h. You are invited to come, share a lunch, learn how to edit Wikipedia, and add a woman artist to Wikipedia. If you'd like to attend, to be sure to be counted among the lunch guests, please sign in here by Monday, 17th at the latest. Otherwise, you will be able to join at 13h.

Noircir Wikipedia (ie Making Wikipedia blacker) in Geneva, July 3rd[edit]

The next workshop for this project will take place on Wednesday, July 3rd, in the afternoon, at the Institut de recherche et de documentation de l'Île Quisqueya (IRDIQ), in the Maison des Associations, rue des Savoies 15, in Geneva.

Check the project page, as well as our facebook and twitter where we will announce the schedule and where to register.

List of Coming Events[edit]

Central Calendar[edit]

This table contains the upcoming events until the delivery of our next newsletter and some important events later this year. You will also find some more events - also from like-minded organisations - directly in the WMCH calendar.

Start Date End Date Event Where Link Type
2019-06-06 14:00 2019-06-06 20:00 Wikipedia-Atelier in der Nationalbibliothek zu Eduard Spelterini Bern WikiProjekt_Schweiz/Atelier Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-06-07 18:00 2019-06-10 18:00 WikiAlpenforum WAF Liechtenstein WAFtreff 300 Jahre Fürstentum Liechtenstein Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-06-15 13:00 2019-06-15 17:00 Genève sur Wikipédia: la musique et les musiciennes à Genève Genève GE fr:Projet:Bibliothèque_de_la_Cité/Genève GLAM logo.png
2019-06-19 13:00 2019-06-19 17:00 les sans pagEs au MAMCO (dernier atelier au MAMCO) Genève/GE Les sans pagEs/WikiMercrediMAMCO Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-06-20 13:00 2019-06-23 14:00 GLAM-on-Tour in der Eisenbibliothek Kloster Paradies, SH GLAM-on-Tour GLAM logo.png
2019-06-29 18:00 2019-06-29 23:00 Stammtisch TBD Wikipedia:Zürich Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-07-03 00:00 2019-07-03 00:00 Noircir Wikipédia Genève, GE fr:Projet:Noircir_Wikipédia Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
2019-08-14 09:30 2019-08-18 14:00 Wikimania 2019 Stockholm Wikimania 2019 Wikimedia Foundation Logo.png