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Please find Wikimedia CH's newsletter for the month of May.
If you wish to share an event or activity through this newsletter, please feel free to send us a message at Have a nice reading!

What happened in the last months?[edit]

Mois de la contribution francophone (Month for French language contribution)[edit]

On this occasion, Marco de Freitas offered an initiation to LilyPond to two contributors, and three beginners to Wikipedia (but not necessarily to all Wiki projects!) edited the French version of the online encyclopedia on the topic of a neighborhood of Geneva and its different streets. The workshop was carried out at Itopie, a cooperative that is in favor of free and ethical software, which invited WMCH, and of which Marco is a member.

GLAM-on-Tour at Migros Archive in Zurich (12th - 15th April)[edit]

On a long weekend in mid-April, a dozen Wikipedians met in the archive of Migros AG in Zurich to explore the various aspects of the impressing history of this retailer and his founder. The visit was generously supported by Migros-Kulturprozent (in German), but there was also a mutual interest in expanding the article landscape. A visit to the archive rooms provided us insights regarding the influencing personality of Gottlieb Duttweiler, his philosophy and his contribution to the society, as well as into the diversity of the tasks of the employees. Migros offered a generous room space and a perfect care, which created a very pleasant working atmosphere for our volunteers. The supporting program included a visit to the think tank Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and the Orange Garden close to the Park im Grüene, which also provided a digital surprises, as the historical holdings could be interactively accessed. More than 200 photos have been taken and uploaded. Projekt page

International Museums Day 2018 (13th May)[edit]

Under the motto "tag, share, like - hyperconnected museums", on May 13, 2018, many Swiss museums opened their doors and discussed the topic with their visitors. On the occasion of this event, Wikimedia CH has examined the presence of participating Swiss museums on Wikipedia, and found out that there is a lot of catching up to do. Therefore, we decided to launch a sensibilization campaign to improve the presence of Swiss museums on Wikipedia. The campaign included the involvement of the community to contribute, as well as the sensibilization of participating museums. We sent a mailing with the respective information to all participating museums, offering a fact sheet of our analysis and a printed QRcode for their exhibition, leading to their Wikipedia article (if available) or to our project page (if no article yet on Wikipedia). The objective was to share and discuss the presence and the topic of hyperconnectivity with their visitors and motivate to make a contribution. To visualize the coverage of Swiss Museums on Wikipedia, the following map has been developed based on Wikidata records and is always kept up to date. The map is evolving, and it reflects the activity of the community in adding the records on Swiss Museums on Wikidata and in improving the coverage of articels in this area.

Wikidata meetup in Zurich (25th April)[edit]

The first Wikidata meetup has been held in Zurich with the support of Wikimedia CH. The event had the participation of 16 attendees and the greetings of the Wikidata team in Berlin which was connected remotely.

Hack the City (27th - 29th April)[edit]

From 27th to 29th April it has been held the 4th of the Southern Switzerlan's hackathon at the University of Lugano. Any detail can be found at this page. Wikimedia CH has supported the event which have had 14 team to code for three days for the most innovative idea. The use of open source code and the use of open content software was one of the most valuable aspect to define the final ranking.

WikiAlpenforum in Bern[edit]

The vanguard

From 1st to 3rd of June, the 1st Swiss WAF meeting took place at Landguet Ried in Niederwangen near Bern. About a dozen authors from five countries had come together to write and discuss about Alpine issues. There was also a additional program such as a visit to the Bundeshaus under the expert guidance of Diego and a hike to the Mühleberg hydroelectric power station. Finally, on Sunday, there was the obligatory visit of the Swiss Alpine Museum and the supplementary program of the Bear Pit. The aim of this working group is to improve the article landscape and the illustration of alpine-specific topoi as well as the harmonization of linguistic differences between the country versions with a focus on biological, geographic, historical, technical and social concerns.

For the first time, several participants from the French-speaking world were present at this meeting, which was also reflected in the article work. (Pictures of the event.)

Devoxx4kids (5th May)[edit]

Wikimedia CH organized for the first time a session for Devoxx4kids in Lugano. The session was dedicated to Wikidata and to introduce pupils to the databases and to the SPARQL. The event had the participant of 80 young enthusiasts for the new technologies. This is a first experience of a training session of Wikidata after a smaller experience in Zurich within the same format of Devoxx4kids.

Wikimedia Conference in Berlin[edit]

Mail Swiss topics

Wikimedia CH participated to Wikimedia Conference in Berlin from 20th to 22th April 2018. The staff has participated to the sessions connected with the new strategy of Wikimedia Foundation and discussed with other chapters and user groups about projects and organization.


Volunteers both from Geneva and Basel contributed to increase the representation of women and especially artists on Wikipedia. are the new contributions in French, which took place among several events organized in Geneva in favor of gender equality. Here are the articles modified by the Basel team, who organized a very productive two-day editathon.

Upload of photographs by Albert Naef by the Archives cantonales vaudoises[edit]

The Archives cantonales vaudoises renewed their collaboration with WMCH by uploading virtual versions of a collection of photographs taken by early archaeologists, mainly Albert Naef. The full collection can be found [1]. To continue their cycle of reflections on Wikimedia projects and archives, they will organize a roundtable on October 11th on the topic of heritage conservation, from the time of Albert Naef to Wikipedia. Before the roundtable, there will be a Wikipedia workshop to teach new contributors how to use Commons images to illustrate Wikipedia articles. Volunteers interested in leading it should get in touch with Flor.


Wikidata logo

Datathon Zurich (16th June)[edit]

On June 16, the Datathon at the University of Zurich will be held (details). It will be demonstrated not only how to contribute to Wikidata but also how to import data into Wikidata, how to link data to Wikidata, how prepare data set with Wikidata's technological infrastructure.

Call for projects (until end of August)[edit]

This year Wikimedia CH will open again the Call for Projects (edition 2019). Any indication is here. Any proposal is welcome and we look forward to reading your ideas.

GLAM-on-tour at MAMCO (22d-24th June)[edit]

The first GLAM-on-tour in Romandie will take place at the MAMCO in Geneva. Bookings are complete, but the presentations on Friday and on Sunday, by art curators and historians, can be attended by anyone interested in the topics. The presentations will be in French. Here is the complete schedule of the event, including the presentations.

Wikipedia Writers’ Workshop at the Iron Library, June 23rd 2018[edit]

After a successful event as part of the Archive Day in the summer of 2017, this year will again be a collaboration with the Iron Library (article only in German) in Schaffhausen. On Saturday, June 23, there will be an open writing workshop. The aim is to edit under guidance in existing articles or to create new articles that are in the environment of the company Georg Fischer or in general with the material iron in connection. For this purpose, a short introductory workshop is offered both in the morning and in the afternoon. Literature and help in finding suitable topics are available. The event will be held between 10:00 and 18:00. Please bring your own laptop or hardware requests at Further information: Knowledge is good, free knowledge is better. Registration is not required, but facilitates the planning.

Collaboration with City library in Geneva starting next fall[edit]

The City library contacted WMCH to organize a workshop every two months starting on the fall of 2018. The project is not finalized, but if there are local volunteers interested to lead workshops in the Bibliothèque de la Cité on certain Saturdays from next September to February or March 2019, please get in touch with Flor.

List of Coming Events[edit]

Date Events Location Note
16th June 2018 9.00 AM - 6:00PM Wikidata Zurich Datathon University of Zurich, Binzmühlestrasse 14, CH-8050 Zurich, ZH experts and interested Wikidata users are both welcome
22nd - 24th June 2018 GLAM-on-Tour at MAMCO 10, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, 1205 Genève, GE Registration already closed; day visitors to look around are welcome
23rd June 2018, 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM Writers' workshop at Iron Library Schlatt, Stiftung der Georg Fischer AG, Klostergut Paradies, TG
30th June 2018 WP-Atelier 10.00 AM - 4.00 PM and Stammtisch Züritreff Bern, Schanzenstr. 15, Theatersammlung open workshop for new editors and answering-seeking people
End of August Call for projects online make suggestions to bring forward our community and our projects