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Please find the seventh installment of the Wikimedia newsletter 2015.
If you wish to share an event or activity through this newsletter, please feel free to send us a message at Happy reading!


  • Half Year Progress Report
At the end of July 2015, Wikimedia CH published its half year progress report (January-June 2015) for the Wikimedia Foundation's FDC review. The Funds Dissemination Committee is the council which distributes so-called annual plan grants (APG) to Wikimedia affiliates around the world. The detailed report is available here.

Wikimania 2015 ends, Wikimania 2016 starts[edit]

On 19th July Wikimania 2015 had its closing ceremony and Wikimania 2016 and its team were been announced officially to the Wikimedian community in Ciudad de México. As co-organizers, Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia Italy are looking forward to the last week of June 2016!

The team of Wikimania Esino Lario


WikiCon Dresden 2015
Community Survey Question: Which form of service or support does Wikimedia CH not yet offer but would be of interest to you?
Wiki-Dialog Publication cover
  • WikiCon
WikiCon, the convention of german-speaking Wikimedians, will take place on September 18 - 20 in Dresden. Have a look at the provisional program and sign up online.
Last but not least, Wikimedia CH is gladly providing 10 scholarships (reimbursement of travel- and accommodation-costs). Please get in touch with in case you're interested!
  • Edit-a-thon "Biographies" on September 5 at the Swiss Federal Archives
The Swiss Federal Archives has over 671 Private Archives of people and insitutions who have influenced the history of Switzerland. Many of these persons or legal entities are in the area of Politics, Diplomacy, Public Administration, Science and Culture and do not yet have an article on Wikipedia. We want to motivate people to participate in this Edit-a-thon to create new articles or further develop existing one by making good use of the resources available at the Federal Archives.
You can sign up for the event directly on the German Wikipedia or via eMail to marco.majoleth[AT]
  • Community Survey: Results
From June 18 until July 1st, Wikimedia CH ran its first Community Survey in order to better understand your needs and align its services, future plans and strategy according to these. You can find the full results on META
Quite a few respondents (49) indicated they would be interested in Wikimedia CH offering a technical training/workshop: we're very committed to set one up - probably on the subject of Wikidata. Stay tuned!
  • Wiki-Dialogue
You might have already heard about the Wiki Dialogues which were introduced on the German-speaking Wikipedia in 2014. In these, Wikipedians discuss various topics related to Wikipedia and its sister projects and work on them together. These go beyond writing Wikipedia articles and focus more on overarching aspects of collaboration and diversity within the community. It's high time to announce that the online publication about this Wiki-Dialogue is now available on Wikimedia Commons, in English and German :

Wiki Loves Earth 2015[edit]

  • And the winner is ...
Lake Maggiore - Thunders. CC-by-SA Ale72forWiki
... User:Ale72forWiki with a photograph of a lightning above lake maggiore.
You can find all the other winning pictures of this year's Wiki Loves Earth 2015 photo contest in Switzerland on Wikimedia Commons
Last but not least, we thank all our committed jury members and volunteers who have been involved in the organisation of Wiki Loves Earth 2015.


Date Event Location
15.08.2015 Festicabales Meetup Geneva
29.08.2015 Wikipedia Atelier Cantonal Library Thurgau in Frauenfeld
29.08.2015 Wiki Takes Biel/Bienne Photo Expedition City Library Biel/Bienne
05.09.2015 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Biographies Swiss Federal Archives
04. & 05.09.2015 Election Hackdays Zurich & Lausanne
10.09.2015 Wikipedia conference for the association Swiss Engineering Le Cercle Littéraire de Lausanne
18.-20.09.2015 WikiCon Dresden
29.09.2015 Wikipedia conference University of Geneva

Open Data[edit]

Election Hackdays
  • Upcoming Event: Election Hackdays, 04. - 05.09.2015
On September 4 and 5, 2015, the Election Hackdays will take place in Lausanne and Zurich. Join the event and work with open data on the subject of politics and elections:
  • Past Event: Conference
Annual Conference at the University of Bern on July 1st, 2015
On July 1st, the Conference took place at the University of Bern and was attended by over 220 participants. As a highglight, Pavel Richter, former ED of Wikimedia DE and appointed CEO of Open Knowledge International, was giving a keynote about WikiData.
All the content of the conference is available online:
  • Good News: Quartierspiegel Zürich
Quartierspiegel Langstrasse
Each year, the city of Zurich releases an update on the official statistical data of all the 34 city quarters.
This publication features short stories of each of these quarters and statistical data about inhabitants (socio-economic data), new buildings and constructions sides, the living situation as well as data a bout the economical situation. For the first time in Switzerland, these texts, graphics and pictures were released under a free creative commons licence. This was only possible thanks to a handful of Wikimedia photographers who volunteered to take the photographs of these 34 quarters to illustrate the publication. To regive, the City of Zurich then decided to release the data under a CC licence.