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Organization Meeting of Wikimedia Canada
First Formal Formation Meeting

Date: January 30, 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 20:00 EST (1:00 UTC)
Venue: #wikimedia-ca
Who should attend: Anyone interested in helping form Wikimedia Canada (particularly those interested in joining the steering committee).

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  • Introductions of everyone
  • Steering committee
  • Definition
  • How to appoint/elect
  • Looking for interest



Present:, Greeves, Cbrown1023, OhanaUnited, Historybuff, Shanel, Ian Bailey, Whiteknight, Padraic, Bryan Derksen, Pathoschild, Ktsquare, Mike.lifeguard, coldacid, Az1568, Zirland, Swatjester

Initial discussion[edit]

  • Chapter creation process is discussed with our new Chapters Committee representative Andrew.
  • Andrew says that start up funds could be given from the Chapters Committee, but it is yet to happen.
  • Whether or not/when we need corporation status is discussed. It is determined that getting that status, along with charity status, will be a priority.
  • We discuss transferring money to the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • We go back on track, following the original agenda.
  • We all introduced ourselves like we did last meeting, though more people were here this week.

Steering Committee[edit]

  • We moved on, to discuss the possibility of a Steering Committee.
  • Alan and Mitchell mention what has already been discussed on the mailing list.
  • The need for a Steering Committee.
  • The positions on the committee.
  • The need for deadlines is acknowledged.
  • It is agreed that a Steering Committee is needed.
  • The following positions were deemed necessary:
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Legal Adviser
  • Three Members-at-Large
  • The position of Treasurer is deemed unnecessary at this point.
  • Several people nominated others and there were several self-nominations.
  • Wikimedia Canada/Steering Committee is created for voting on committee membership.


  • It is decided that the current operating language is to be English.
  • French translation
  • It is determined that we need a French translator.
  • Translator could possibly be a position on the Steering Committee.
  • It is determined that we probably don't need to translate into any Aboriginal languages.
  • Nobody knew of any interest from any French-only speakers.

Membership fee[edit]

  • It was decided that discussion on this topic would be premature.

Steering Committee (part 2)[edit]

  • OhanaUnited arrives and expresses interest for the position of Vice Chair on the Steering Committee.
  • It is briefly mentioned that the Vice Chair should be over the age of 18. OhanaUnited says that he is over 18.
  • Voting closure is discussed. It is decided that everyone nominated except for the Vice Chair and the Members-at-Large will be on the Steering Committee.
  • Discussion regarding the Vice Chair and the Members-at-Large was set to take place at the next meeting.

Steering Committee meeting[edit]

  • It is decided that the Steering Committee is to have a public moderated meeting (meaning that anyone could watch, but only the Steering Committee could talk).
  • Next week's agenda was discussed. It was decided that it was to be organized by the newly appointed Secretary, Mitchell.
  • Next week's meeting timeline is discussed.
  • As Casey (kibble) withdrew from the race for Vice Chair, OhanaUnited is determined to be the Vice Chair of the Steering Committee.


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February 6, 2008