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[2008-02-20 19:05:26] <OhanaUnited> Ok, let's begin
[2008-02-20 19:05:38] <OhanaUnited> Welcome to Feb. 20's WMC meeting.
[2008-02-20 19:05:52] =-= Mode #wikimedia-ca +v wknight8111  by ChanServ
[2008-02-20 19:06:02] <OhanaUnited> As Alan indicated earlier, I'll be chairing today's meeting
[2008-02-20 19:06:35] <OhanaUnited> without furthur ado, let's bring up our agenda
[2008-02-20 19:06:45] <OhanaUnited>     * Dissemination of information. Defining the role of the secretary and web master.
[2008-02-20 19:06:45] <OhanaUnited>     * Communication (Collecting telephone and email information for committee members)
[2008-02-20 19:06:45] <OhanaUnited>     * Web site layout, defining process for completion and delegation of work.
[2008-02-20 19:06:45] <OhanaUnited>     * WMF Chapter committee report on Logo guidelines.
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[2008-02-20 19:07:05] <OhanaUnited> ok, so let's start with our first point on the agenda
[2008-02-20 19:07:23] <OhanaUnited> any opinions/ideas?
[2008-02-20 19:07:40] <ChanServ> Mitchell!n=Greeves@wikimedia/Greeves ACCESS [#wikimedia-ca] ADD OhanaUnited 10
[2008-02-20 19:07:58] * kibble thought he was already on there, Mitchell
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[2008-02-20 19:08:08] <Mitchell> nope
[2008-02-20 19:08:13] <kibble> k
[2008-02-20 19:08:30] <Alan_Ca> If I may
[2008-02-20 19:08:30] <kibble> OhanaUnited: secretary. i.e. writes Minutes
[2008-02-20 19:08:31] <OhanaUnited> so mitchell and alelie, can you give us information on this matter?
[2008-02-20 19:08:45] <kibble> manages meeting pages, collects information like Alan_Ca requested
[2008-02-20 19:08:49] <kibble> Alan_Ca: go ahead, I assume
[2008-02-20 19:08:51] <Mitchell> Secretary is primarily internal communication, as I see it.
[2008-02-20 19:08:57] <Alan_Ca> The problem I observed was that the main WMC page did not refer to todays meeting
[2008-02-20 19:09:09] <kibble> Alan_Ca: Mitchell fixed that
[2008-02-20 19:09:13] <Alan_Ca> I see that
[2008-02-20 19:09:17] <kibble> but you are right, we should have that updated at the end of every meeting
[2008-02-20 19:09:33] <Ayelie> Alan_Ca I'll be making sure that gets updated in the future, my apologies
[2008-02-20 19:09:35] <Alan_Ca> But my point is, since Ayelie has joined there has been some lack of clarity where the responsibilities start/end
[2008-02-20 19:09:43] <kibble> like a little procedures list for the secretary? i.e. write minutes, post logs, update meeting pages
[2008-02-20 19:09:57] <Alan_Ca> Something like that
[2008-02-20 19:10:06] <OhanaUnited> yes, we need to establish responsibilities
[2008-02-20 19:10:13] <Ayelie> Alan_Ca I was going to clarify that tonight, we only placed me in this role last meeting and all I was told I was doing was designing the main page ;)
[2008-02-20 19:10:15] <Mitchell> I do logs, summaries, announcements, mailing list updates, etc.
[2008-02-20 19:10:33] <OhanaUnited> once we established the responsibilities, it will be better to inform the webmaster if changes are required to be made
[2008-02-20 19:10:44] <kibble> OhanaUnited: possibly by mailing list post
[2008-02-20 19:10:55] <kibble> the mailing list is probably an asset that we aren't taking advantage of :-)
[2008-02-20 19:10:57] <OhanaUnited> somehow, i feel that the role of webmaster and secretary overlap
[2008-02-20 19:11:04] <Alan_Ca> They do
[2008-02-20 19:11:06] <Mitchell> Yep
[2008-02-20 19:11:07] * kibble nods
[2008-02-20 19:11:13] <kibble> OhanaUnited: perhaps "web designer"?
[2008-02-20 19:11:15] <Ayelie> I can also provide my email address, everyone can send me messages that way and I'll make sure things are taken care of
[2008-02-20 19:11:23] <Alan_Ca> Ideally, mitchell and ayelie should have private communications about how that happens
[2008-02-20 19:11:29] <Ayelie> and Mitchell  and I can work together to make sure things aren't getting missed
[2008-02-20 19:11:33] <Ayelie> yes :)
[2008-02-20 19:11:39] <kibble> Ayelie: are you on wikimedia-ca?
[2008-02-20 19:11:45] <Mitchell> the mailing list
[2008-02-20 19:11:48] <kibble> (mailing list)
[2008-02-20 19:11:52] <Mitchell> I think she is
[2008-02-20 19:12:02] |<-- yanstheman has left (Nick collision from services.)
[2008-02-20 19:12:09] <Alan_Ca> Mitchell and Ayelie are both on IRC
[2008-02-20 19:12:10] <OhanaUnited> for example, updating the link to next week's meeting... is that secretary's job or web designer's job?
[2008-02-20 19:12:13] <Alan_Ca> and on MSN :)
[2008-02-20 19:12:15] <kibble> okay, it would probably be helpful if everyone were on that; just in case Mitchell or someone needs to post something
[2008-02-20 19:12:16] <Ayelie> Yes I am on the mailing list
[2008-02-20 19:12:25] <Ayelie> and Mitchell and I can communicate via MSN as well :)
[2008-02-20 19:12:26] <kibble> OhanaUnited: I would say secretary
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[2008-02-20 19:12:30] =-= yansthema1 is now known as yanstheman
[2008-02-20 19:12:30] <OhanaUnited> same goes to creating the page for next meeting
[2008-02-20 19:12:33] <wknight8111> I'm on the mailing list too now, which is good
[2008-02-20 19:12:34] <kibble> they update the minutes / manage the meeting pages
[2008-02-20 19:12:37] <wknight8111> or, i seem to be
[2008-02-20 19:12:38] <kibble> wknight8111: :-D
[2008-02-20 19:12:57] <OhanaUnited> so mitch, ayelie, are u guys clear on ur roles now?
[2008-02-20 19:13:04] <Ayelie> Mitchell, shall we say you will update individual meeting pages and send out mailing list reminders, and I'll update the main page to point to future meetings and such?
[2008-02-20 19:13:11] <Mitchell> Alright
[2008-02-20 19:13:21] <OhanaUnited> looks good to me
[2008-02-20 19:13:25] <Alan_Ca> Q: Is updating the main page for meeting link really such a big deal?
[2008-02-20 19:13:31] <Mitchell> Nope
[2008-02-20 19:13:35] <Alan_Ca> I'm wondering if splitting that out is really advantageous
[2008-02-20 19:13:38] <OhanaUnited> and if someone forgot, the other person be bold and fill-sin
[2008-02-20 19:13:44] <Alan_Ca> That sounds good
[2008-02-20 19:13:49] <Ayelie> Alan_Ca not really, but I'll likely be updating the main page weekly anyway
[2008-02-20 19:13:54] <OhanaUnited> * fills-in *
[2008-02-20 19:14:03] * OhanaUnited apologize for spelling mistake
[2008-02-20 19:14:26] <OhanaUnited> so that took care of the 1st thing on the agenda
[2008-02-20 19:14:26] <Alan_Ca> ah yes
[2008-02-20 19:14:54] <kibble> Mitchell: do you send an e-mail to the mailing list with a wrap-up of the meetinng?
[2008-02-20 19:14:55] <OhanaUnited> next one: did EVERYONE submit their contact info to Mitch?
[2008-02-20 19:15:04] <kibble> OhanaUnited: define everyone
[2008-02-20 19:15:08] -->| StephaneThibault (n=Stephane@ has joined #wikimedia-ca
[2008-02-20 19:15:08] <Mitchell> SteerCom
[2008-02-20 19:15:09] <kibble> :-)
[2008-02-20 19:15:10] <wknight8111> i believe I have
[2008-02-20 19:15:13] <OhanaUnited> steercom
[2008-02-20 19:15:22] <Ayelie> I have
[2008-02-20 19:15:23] * OhanaUnited hides in a corner because he hasn't done it yet
[2008-02-20 19:15:28] <Mitchell> That means email, MSN (if applicable), and phone #
[2008-02-20 19:15:29] * OhanaUnited slaps OhanaUnited around a bit with a large trout
[2008-02-20 19:15:38] <Ayelie> :P
[2008-02-20 19:16:13] <Ayelie> is HOTR with us or not here at the moment?
[2008-02-20 19:16:30] <kibble> Ayelie: /wii HOTR maybe?
[2008-02-20 19:16:32] <OhanaUnited> dont think so
[2008-02-20 19:16:34] <kibble> (should show idle time, not sure though)
[2008-02-20 19:16:47] <kibble> (or just /whois, depending on client)
[2008-02-20 19:16:53] <kibble> this one's stupid and doesn't show it
[2008-02-20 19:16:58] <Mitchell> Idle for 2 days
[2008-02-20 19:17:25] <kibble> O_O
[2008-02-20 19:17:34] <OhanaUnited> 2 days, wth...
[2008-02-20 19:18:00] <OhanaUnited> ok... seems like everyone but me submitted LOL
[2008-02-20 19:18:01] <kibble> okay, OhanaUnited, what's the next item?
[2008-02-20 19:18:05] <kibble> hehe
[2008-02-20 19:18:23] <OhanaUnited> website layout
[2008-02-20 19:18:34] <OhanaUnited> and defining process for completion and delegation of work
[2008-02-20 19:18:42] <Ayelie> website is my domain
[2008-02-20 19:18:47] <kibble> heh
[2008-02-20 19:18:50] <kibble> pardon the pun :-P
[2008-02-20 19:18:59] <Ayelie>  ;)
[2008-02-20 19:19:05] <Ayelie> I'm working on it, nothing to show yet but it's on paper and planned.
[2008-02-20 19:19:09] <kibble> OhanaUnited: I think we defined some of the process
[2008-02-20 19:19:18] <OhanaUnited> i remember seeing someone who rewrote the main page on the user sub-page
[2008-02-20 19:19:29] <OhanaUnited> and on the top there's a button to choose english or french
[2008-02-20 19:19:31] <kibble> OhanaUnited: User:Greeves/Sandbox ?
[2008-02-20 19:19:35] <kibble> with some number...
[2008-02-20 19:19:37] <kibble> maybe
[2008-02-20 19:19:44] <Mitchell> User:Greeves/WMC
[2008-02-20 19:19:47] <Mitchell> I moved it
[2008-02-20 19:19:54] <kibble> Ayelie: did Alan say you needed to wait for clarification on something? or am I misremembering?
[2008-02-20 19:20:07] <Alan_Ca> The only issue was the logo matter
[2008-02-20 19:20:13] <Ayelie> yep
[2008-02-20 19:20:18] <Alan_Ca> And Ayelie and I discussed that offline
[2008-02-20 19:20:34] <OhanaUnited> ok, so what is the conclusion?
[2008-02-20 19:20:48] <Alan_Ca> The logo issue or the web site?
[2008-02-20 19:21:02] <Ayelie> I'd like to note that on the main page front, I'm available via talk page [[User talk:Editor at Large]] or email to, or on the talk page of the main page - so if you have suggestions/concerns please contact me :)
[2008-02-20 19:21:15] <Ayelie> I'll have a draft up by next week hopefully.
[2008-02-20 19:21:41] <Alan_Ca> So in terms of web site, Ayelie was simply going to report her status
[2008-02-20 19:21:46] <OhanaUnited> now i haven't seen or know ayelie's idea, so i took a look at Greeve's idea
[2008-02-20 19:21:59] <OhanaUnited> i quite like that design
[2008-02-20 19:22:10] <kibble> I certainly like the lang nav
[2008-02-20 19:22:18] <Alan_Ca> Where is that?
[2008-02-20 19:22:25] <Mitchell> [[m:User:Greeves/WMC]]
[2008-02-20 19:22:28] <OhanaUnited> now if it can auto-detect the language setting of your computer (like the welcome message on meta), that will be even better
[2008-02-20 19:22:38] <Mitchell> Could that be done??
[2008-02-20 19:22:54] <Ayelie> Mitchell's is very nice and concise, that's what I'm going for too
[2008-02-20 19:22:57] <OhanaUnited> does anyone know how to do those? it's pretty hard, u know
[2008-02-20 19:23:01] <Ayelie> and yes Mitchell  and OhanaUnited  it can be done
[2008-02-20 19:23:07] <Ayelie> I'm going to see if I can work it out :)
[2008-02-20 19:23:09] <OhanaUnited> but the question is... how?
[2008-02-20 19:23:11] <kibble> oohit could be done I think
[2008-02-20 19:23:15] <Mitchell> Even in MediaWiki?
[2008-02-20 19:23:16] * kibble eyhes Pathoschild
[2008-02-20 19:23:20] * Mitchell is pleased
[2008-02-20 19:23:29] <OhanaUnited> of course it could be done, otherwise how did they write those welcome message template? lol
[2008-02-20 19:23:30] <Ayelie> it's been done on meta pages before
[2008-02-20 19:23:32] |<-- cary has left ()
[2008-02-20 19:23:39] <Pathoschild> Hm?
[2008-02-20 19:23:53] <Mitchell> Good point. I know how to do those.
[2008-02-20 19:24:00] <OhanaUnited> sweet
[2008-02-20 19:24:08] <Alan_Ca> Ayelie, will you have us a proposal for two weeks from now?
[2008-02-20 19:24:08] <Ayelie> Pathoschild: auto-detecting user language setting and having the page reflect that
[2008-02-20 19:24:09] <OhanaUnited> can u work with ayelie on that?
[2008-02-20 19:24:21] <Mitchell> Sure.
[2008-02-20 19:24:30] <OhanaUnited> thanks
[2008-02-20 19:24:30] <Ayelie> Alan_Ca I'm hoping for a week or two yes.
[2008-02-20 19:24:35] <Alan_Ca> Awesome
[2008-02-20 19:24:36] <Mitchell> Example of that:
[2008-02-20 19:24:52] <OhanaUnited> if it turns out that it doesnt work, just use Greeves' one for now as backup plan
[2008-02-20 19:25:02] <Pathoschild> Ayelie: It would be possible with JavaScript.
[2008-02-20 19:25:03] <Alan_Ca> That's a great idea
[2008-02-20 19:25:15] <Alan_Ca> Please keep the code easy to maintain
[2008-02-20 19:25:20] * Pathoschild is scrolling up and catching up on the meeting so far.
[2008-02-20 19:25:27] * kibble nods at Alan_Ca
[2008-02-20 19:25:30] <OhanaUnited> nice one, mitchell
[2008-02-20 19:25:51] <OhanaUnited> so i guess this language issue is finally over, at last
[2008-02-20 19:25:53] <Ayelie> Alan_Ca I'll have all the design stuff in templates so all you have to update is nice simple text, it will be simple
[2008-02-20 19:26:05] * Alan_Ca likes simple
[2008-02-20 19:26:31] <kibble> Ayelie: that's what I was hoping you'd do :-)
[2008-02-20 19:26:40] <kibble> like
[2008-02-20 19:27:03] <Ayelie> kibble: exactly :) but probably even cleaner :P
[2008-02-20 19:27:20] <kibble> hehe
[2008-02-20 19:27:41] <kibble> I also incorporated that type of templating into the sidebar on Greeves' sandbox (/WMC)
[2008-02-20 19:27:43] <OhanaUnited> nice, really nice
[2008-02-20 19:27:55] <Ayelie> OhanaUnited I think that's all cleared up, what was the next item on the agenda?
[2008-02-20 19:28:08] <Mitchell> Ayelie: Where is the copy you are working on?
[2008-02-20 19:28:08] <OhanaUnited> did we finish the discussion on logos?
[2008-02-20 19:28:17] <Ayelie> Mitchell: in my head? :P
[2008-02-20 19:28:19] <Ayelie> and on paper
[2008-02-20 19:28:22] <Mitchell> Ah
[2008-02-20 19:28:46] <Ayelie> it'll be up in a sandbox in a week
[2008-02-20 19:28:49] <Alan_Ca> Ayelie and I were chatting offline about the logos
[2008-02-20 19:28:53] <kibble> Ayelie: ooh, refreshing to see something on real paper!
[2008-02-20 19:29:00] <OhanaUnited> whiteknight, any updates on the logo from WMF?
[2008-02-20 19:29:10] <Ayelie> kibble: I draw first and code after, paper works best :P
[2008-02-20 19:29:16] <kibble> Alan_Ca: did we just cut you off or did you have something else to say?
[2008-02-20 19:29:21] <kibble> Ayelie: :-D sounds good!
[2008-02-20 19:29:22] <Alan_Ca> I expressed concern that from my perspective logos are not a big issue at this point, but that my hope is that we would find a way to have one logo that we all liked and was compatible with wikimedia
[2008-02-20 19:29:59] * kibble sees
[2008-02-20 19:30:37] <wknight8111> is it my turn for the update?
[2008-02-20 19:30:44] * OhanaUnited nods
[2008-02-20 19:30:45] <Ayelie> wknight8111: yes please
[2008-02-20 19:30:56] <wknight8111> Okay, first off the chapcom has been slow lately because Delphine has been out on leave
[2008-02-20 19:31:38] <wknight8111> The logos that i saw last week are basically unacceptable, because they're too close to the official logos
[2008-02-20 19:31:53] <Ayelie> wknight8111: even the ones I designed from scratch!?
[2008-02-20 19:32:07] <wknight8111> Maybe I missed some, but yeah
[2008-02-20 19:32:18] <wknight8111> they really can't be the same colors, and really can't be the same general shape
[2008-02-20 19:32:21] * OhanaUnited *jaw drops*
[2008-02-20 19:32:38] <kibble> wknight8111: but they're not derivates :-/ weird
[2008-02-20 19:32:52] <wknight8111> i'm just relaying what I've heard
[2008-02-20 19:32:53] * kibble sees though
[2008-02-20 19:33:13] <Mitchell> I think we'll be okay with the standard logo.
[2008-02-20 19:33:25] * Alan_Ca sighs
[2008-02-20 19:33:26] <wknight8111> of the chapcom members who responded, the general consensus was that chapters should use the standard logo
[2008-02-20 19:33:37] <Alan_Ca> Ayelie made a good point to me about the value of an attractive logo
[2008-02-20 19:34:06] <Alan_Ca> Maybe fundamentally we have to ask ourselves if we want this charity to look like wikimedia foundation or not
[2008-02-20 19:34:51] <kibble> wknight8111: out of curiousity, where these new members or old members?
[2008-02-20 19:34:52] <Alan_Ca> wknight, am I correct in assuming the issue isn't us being Wikimedia Canada with a different logo, it's that we are not permitted to modify the existing logo beyond a certain scope
[2008-02-20 19:34:58] <OhanaUnited> it's hard if they don't want us to use the same colour or shape yet people can identify and correlate the relations between the 2 logos
[2008-02-20 19:35:00] <wknight8111> I don't think it's mandatory that you use the WMF logo, but all other chapters do, and chapcom seems to prefer it
[2008-02-20 19:35:01] <Ayelie> wknight8111 just to clarify: we are talking about the ones such as , yes?
[2008-02-20 19:35:20] <wknight8111> Ayelie, yes. That logo
[2008-02-20 19:35:30] <wknight8111> you have to admit that it does bear a striking resemblance to the WMf logo
[2008-02-20 19:35:36] <kibble> it does
[2008-02-20 19:35:46] <Alan_Ca> It does
[2008-02-20 19:35:47] <kibble> slightly
[2008-02-20 19:35:54] <Alan_Ca> Ayelie, we would need their permission for that
[2008-02-20 19:36:03] <Alan_Ca> At a minimum, their blessing is unlikely
[2008-02-20 19:36:14] <Ayelie> Alan_Ca regarding copyright, that would not be considered a derivative
[2008-02-20 19:36:35] <kibble> please educate us, Ayelie :-)
[2008-02-20 19:36:39] <Ayelie> it's no more alike to the WMF logo than a white circle is a derivative of a white square ;)
[2008-02-20 19:36:58] <OhanaUnited> bleh, every shape is made out of dots and lines :P
[2008-02-20 19:37:01] <wknight8111> it's basically circular in shape, it has blue on the outside, green in the middle, red at the top
[2008-02-20 19:37:03] <kibble> Ayelie: :-)
[2008-02-20 19:37:09] <Alan_Ca> My understanding is that ultimately a court makes a decision like that
[2008-02-20 19:37:10] <wknight8111> squint, and it's hard to tell the difference
[2008-02-20 19:37:15] <Alan_Ca> Regardless, the WMF doesn't want us to do it
[2008-02-20 19:37:23] <Alan_Ca> And we are seeking partnership with them
[2008-02-20 19:37:28] <Mitchell> Yea
[2008-02-20 19:37:41] <Ayelie> wknight8111  I can always design an entirely non-related logo with lots of shinies and cool perspective effects :P
[2008-02-20 19:37:50] <kibble> hehe
[2008-02-20 19:38:03] <kibble> but I think we don't want to go *too* different
[2008-02-20 19:38:06] <Alan_Ca> Personally, I think we should stick with the simple logo for now
[2008-02-20 19:38:11] <Ayelie> I was going more for a similarity but if we do decide to have a community logo I will gladly redesign one
[2008-02-20 19:38:18] <kibble> the point of it was to show our affiliation to WMF, but still put a local twist
[2008-02-20 19:38:20] <Ayelie> BUT first things first, are we permitted to have a second logo.
[2008-02-20 19:38:23] <Alan_Ca> Possibly as an aside Ayelie you could develop your own concepts?
[2008-02-20 19:38:25] <wknight8111> It is possible to have a non-WMF, but it must be clearly "non-WMF"
[2008-02-20 19:38:31] <OhanaUnited> i would go for simple logo too
[2008-02-20 19:38:34] * kibble nods with wknight8111
[2008-02-20 19:39:00] <Ayelie> wknight8111 we are permitted to have a secondary logo to the required WMF logo that is the "official" one?
[2008-02-20 19:39:08] <Alan_Ca> So Wknight, you're telling us that we cannot use any of ayelies logos because they WMF sees them as deriviatives
[2008-02-20 19:39:29] <Alan_Ca> And we cannot use them officially or unofficially, correct?
[2008-02-20 19:39:30] <kibble> because the chapters committee*
[2008-02-20 19:39:59] <wknight8111> not necessarily derivatives, but "too close to the real thing"
[2008-02-20 19:40:15] <wknight8111> the WMF is very strict about use of the logo, because of concerns of "brand identity"
[2008-02-20 19:40:23] <Alan_Ca> right
[2008-02-20 19:40:28] * kibble nods
[2008-02-20 19:40:29] <wknight8111> it's "our way or the highway", if you know that expression
[2008-02-20 19:40:34] <Alan_Ca> but my point is, they don't want us using them officially or unofficially, right?
[2008-02-20 19:40:44] * kibble nods
[2008-02-20 19:40:46] <wknight8111> what do you mean by that?
[2008-02-20 19:40:54] <Alan_Ca> The logos Ayelie has presented
[2008-02-20 19:40:56] <Ayelie> wknight8111  can I ask as well, was it a group of WMF representatives who decided that or Chapcom members? Because WMF is the group that has trademarked the logo and owns the rights, they would ultimately be the ones to decide whether it was too close a derivative or not
[2008-02-20 19:41:06] <Alan_Ca> Are we permitted to use them as our official or unofficial logo?
[2008-02-20 19:41:28] <kibble> Ayelie: that's arguable
[2008-02-20 19:41:52] <Alan_Ca> Wknight is our WMF rep as a member of Chapcomm
[2008-02-20 19:42:06] <kibble> Alan_Ca: i.e. "official business - WMF" vs. "unofficial - community - just random everyday stuff", correct?
[2008-02-20 19:42:08] <wknight8111> Like I said, delphine has been out, so we don't really have her input as much as we should. What I have heard from her (and she is "official" in the WMF) is that she things your logos are unacceptable as-is
[2008-02-20 19:42:08] <Mitchell> The board gives certain powers to CHapCom.
[2008-02-20 19:42:10] <Alan_Ca> If Chap Comm has been designated to approve our chapter status, technically we cannot be a chapter without their approval
[2008-02-20 19:42:28] <kibble> Alan_Ca: yes, we all agree on that
[2008-02-20 19:42:33] <kibble> and same to Mitchell :-)
[2008-02-20 19:42:38] <Alan_Ca> Right, so if they reject our logo
[2008-02-20 19:42:46] <Alan_Ca> We must drop it
[2008-02-20 19:42:50] <OhanaUnited> yes
[2008-02-20 19:42:51] <wknight8111> the chapcom advises the board, the board makes all decisions.
[2008-02-20 19:42:56] <Ayelie> wknight8111 alright, thanks :) I was just wondering who it was who decided 
[2008-02-20 19:42:58] * kibble nods with wknight8111
[2008-02-20 19:43:12] <Alan_Ca> Ayelie, I don't see us winning this one
[2008-02-20 19:43:20] <OhanaUnited> shall we defer this topic to 2 weeks from now? or just scrap the derivative logo idea?
[2008-02-20 19:43:22] <kibble> Ayelie: apparently it was delphine, which is what I was trying to get at earlier :-)
[2008-02-20 19:43:24] <wknight8111> without a chapcom resolution, it's hard to imagine you getting approval
[2008-02-20 19:43:26] <Ayelie> Alan_Ca I'm not fighting it
[2008-02-20 19:43:27] <Ayelie> I'm just asking for clarification
[2008-02-20 19:43:46] <kibble> OhanaUnited: scrapping derivative, probably revisiting other non-dervi logos
[2008-02-20 19:43:49] <kibble> but now I'm off
[2008-02-20 19:43:51] <kibble> later all :-)
[2008-02-20 19:44:01] <Ayelie> bye kibble :)
[2008-02-20 19:44:04] <Alan_Ca> So Wknight, we can design our own logo from scratch as long as it doesn't, in the mind of wikimedia foundation, look alike their logo
[2008-02-20 19:44:15] <kibble> Ayelie: :-D
[2008-02-20 19:44:22] |<-- kibble has left (" night all!")
[2008-02-20 19:45:06] <wknight8111> alan, yes
[2008-02-20 19:45:15] <wknight8111> not preferred, but apparently possible
[2008-02-20 19:45:17] <Alan_Ca> ok
[2008-02-20 19:45:33] <Alan_Ca> Ohana, should we give ayelie two weeks to think on that?
[2008-02-20 19:45:36] <OhanaUnited> let's defer this topic to 2 weeks from now, to give everyone time
[2008-02-20 19:45:48] <OhanaUnited> to catch up what they missed, as well as time to design
[2008-02-20 19:45:51] * HOTR peeks in
[2008-02-20 19:46:02] <Alan_Ca> I second that idea
[2008-02-20 19:46:11] =-= HOTR is now known as HistoryOnTheRoad
[2008-02-20 19:46:15] <Ayelie> I'll talk to wknight8111 if I have questions and design a logo for use as a primary or secondary logo depending, in the meantime :) or it can be scrapped if we don't use them 
[2008-02-20 19:46:27] <Alan_Ca> But Ohana
[2008-02-20 19:46:31] <wknight8111> definitely send me emails, and let me know your progress
[2008-02-20 19:46:38] <Ayelie> Will do
[2008-02-20 19:46:38] <Alan_Ca> We agree we will use the legit one in the mean time for our web dev?
[2008-02-20 19:46:47] <OhanaUnited> sounds like it
[2008-02-20 19:46:50] <Alan_Ca> Can someone post the legit logo?
[2008-02-20 19:46:53] <Alan_Ca> So we're all clear?
[2008-02-20 19:46:54] <OhanaUnited> any steercom member oppose?
[2008-02-20 19:47:43] <OhanaUnited> i guess it's unanimously passed, since nobody oppose
[2008-02-20 19:48:41] <OhanaUnited> i guess... for the first time, we finish the meeting early!