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Organization Meeting of Wikimedia Canada
Seventh Formal Formation Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Time: 20:00 EDT (00:00 UTC)
Venue: Teamspeak on, password: wkmedcan

By text only, #wikimedia-ca on freenode (the meeting will primarily be on Teamspeak though the IRC channel will be used for those who can hear the teamspeak and not speak in it)
Who should attend: The Steering Committee and anyone interested in helping form Wikimedia Canada.


  • Quickly go through Wikimania 2009 bid in case someone missed it.
  • Youth Representative as an adviser to the Board of Directors
  • Finalize the decision to have the entire membership body elect to the position
  • Decide on wording and placement in the bylaws
  • Membership fees
  • Discuss how initial members will be registered and how the first election will take place (will the Steering Committee continue to act as a board of directors until we have a real board of directors?
  • Well over a dozen bylaw changes will have to be discussed, though some tweaking of these proposed changes will likely take place online beforehand, so that in the meeting itself we only have to approve the consensus version of changes.
  • Decide the next steps on submitting the bylaws
  • Possibly leave them for public review, submit to a lawyer, submit to the Chapters Committee, etc.


In progress.


Steering Committee Webmaster, Ayelie, was absent due to medical reasons. Steering Committee adviser, Andrew W, was absent due to unknown reasons.

Pre-meeting discussion[edit]

  • Alan expressed his concerns on Pathoschild's bold new page organization which affected the pain Wikimedia Canada page as well as many sub-pages.
  • The change was implemented without discussion.
  • Mitchell mentioned that Pathoschild was on the Wikimedia Canada IRC channel.
  • Alan started to speak with him on IRC.
  • Alan asked if any Steering Committee members were administrators on Meta-Wiki.
  • It was determined that none of the Steering Committee members had the rights.
  • Mitchell mentioned that he went for an RfA once but it failed. He said that he intends to request the rights again sometime.
  • Andrew L. said that he thinks that Mitchell should go for another RfA.
  • Alan said that it would be useful to have an administrator on the Steering Committee. He said that he is not interested in adminship on Meta-Wiki or the English Wikipedia.
  • Andrew L. said that he would be happy to request adminship on Meta-Wiki.
  • Discussion goes back to page organization.
  • Alan complimented what Ayelie had done with the page prior to Pathoschild changing it.
  • Alan recognized that what Pathoschild had done was in good faith.
  • Going back to adminship, Andrew L. continued thinking about going for Meta-Wiki adminship next week. He mentioned that he has less than 200 edits.
  • Mitchell's name was brought up again as he had a bit more Meta-Wiki experience. Alan and Andrew L. pushed him to go.
  • Andrew L. offered to nominate Mitchell.
  • Mitchell agreed if Andrew L. wanted to write a nomination.
  • Jeff was having some trouble getting on the Teamspeak server.
  • Alan explained that the server change was due to the owner of the old server getting kind of funny, so Alan started his own server which was hosted in Florida.


  • A forum for Wikimedia Canada was brought up. Alan, the Chair, said that he did not want to go into that subject at the time and pointed everybody to the agenda.
  • It was determined that Andrew L. added the point regarding Wikimania 2009 to the agenda.
  • Jeff joined us on Teamspeak.
  • Alan asked Jeff to register on the Teamspeak server.
  • Alan brought up Asterisk communication software which uses a phone.
  • Alan gave Jeff auto-voice status on Teamspeak.
  • Discussion moves briefly to the page organization discussed earlier.

Wikimania 2009[edit]

  • Nobody understood why the information would need to from change year to year.
  • Alan mentioned that in the future, Wikimedia Canada could start its own conference to be held in Canada every year.
  • Alan also said that having Wikimedia Canada could help future bids for Wikimania.
  • Jeff said that the deadline for the 2010 bids would presumably be around this time next year, giving us loads of time to work on another bid.

By-laws - Youth Representative[edit]

  • Note: Gerald had not yet joined the meeting.
  • Alan said that Jeff seems to be showing initiative and we have been progressing fine without Gerald so far.
  • Jeff agreed to merge the changes for this meeting.
  • Jeff gave us an overview of the changes made at the last meeting.
  • Jeff mentioned that he added several proposed changes to the by-laws talk page which he would like discussed at this meeting.

By-laws - Membership fees[edit]

  • Alan, the Chair, directed everyone to the next point on the agenda - membership fees.
  • Alan said that he and Andrew L. have discussed this matter since the last meeting along with someone who Alan knew. They determined that $20 or $25 would be a reasonable amount.
  • Jeff said that with a membership fee like that, Wikimedia Canada would have a substantial member base whereas if the fee was around $50 the member base would only be the Board of Directors and a few others.
  • Mitchell asked if students/youth would be charged the same fee.
  • It was decided that with a low fee like this, another rate for students/the unemployed would not be needed.
  • Jeff and Mitchell agreed with the fee.
  • Alan said that it may be good to look at what other successful organizations are doing.
  • Alan continues telling us about their bylaws in that:
  • The Board of Directors sets the membership dues each year,
  • Dues are payable at the beginning of each club year,
  • Members whose dues are three months in arrears will not be in good standing.
  • Alan said that in the Hamilton Camera Club, if you join in November and the renewal date is January 1, you would still have to renew then.
  • Alan asked if anybody had a problem with such a system.
  • Jeff said that he likes the system that we have now, though he does find it a bit silly that there would be different renewal dates depending on when in the year you join.

Participants' Sign-Up[edit]

Real name Username IRC/Teamspeak nickname Location Notes
Mitchell D. (Secretary) Greeves Mitchell Winnipeg, MB
Jeff N. (Member at Large) Arctic.gnome Jeff Kingston, ON
Alan Walker (Chairperson) Alan_Ca Hamilton, ON
Andrew Leung (Vice Chair) OhanaUnited OhanaUnited Richmond Hill, ON
Jesse Plamondon-Willard Pathoschild Pathoschild Montreal, QC
Gerald historybuff historybuff Toronto, ON
Possibly attending
Casey Cbrown1023 kibble Pennsylvania, US
Geoff Plourde Geo.plrd Geoff_Plourde Northern California, US
Not attending, but interested
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March 20, 2008
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April 9, 2008
Next meeting:
April 23, 2008