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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Berlin Agreement

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Note: During the discussions about the creation of association it was decided not to choose an interim secretary-general. Instead, it was decided to build a committee of four members with equal power. Since the papers were already printed the chapter's representatives had signed them with this intent. The committee members are: Damian Finol, Frieda Brioschi, Craig Franklin and Tomer Ashur.

The first meeting will take place on Wednesday 11 July at Wikimania 2012 in Washington D.C.

Berlin Agreement

We, the Wikimedia Chapters, want to lift our cooperation to a new level. Therefore, we sign this Berlin Agreement with regard to the establishment of a Wikimedia Chapters Association as described in the Charter.

Part 1: Intention to join

Part 1, page 1 of the agreement. Signatures blurred.
Part 1, page 2 of the agreement. Signatures blurred.

We, the Wikimedia Chapters signing this part, declare our intent to join the Wikimedia Chapters Association. We consider the Association to be established when nine Chapters have joined. We expect the first meeting of the Council to be in Washington, D. C., in July 2012. Until then, Tomer Ashur will be the interim Secretary General. Their task is to prepare the practical establishment of the Association. We also hereby make a commitment to ensure that the future development of the Association will allow all Chapters to join.

On behalf of:

  1. Asociación Civil Wikimedia Argentina
  2. Wikimedia Österreich
  3. Wikimedia CH
  4. Corporación Wikimedia Chile
  5. Wikimedia Deutschland
  6. Wikimedia US District of Columbia
  7. Wikimedia Eesti
  8. Wikimedia España
  9. Wikimedia France
  10. Wikimedia UK
  11. Wikimedia Indonesia
  12. Wikimedia Israel
  13. Wikimedia India
  14. Wikimedia Italia
  15. Wikimedia Kenya
  16. Wikimedia Macedonia
  17. Wikimedia México
  18. Wikimedia Nederland
  19. Wikimedia US NYC
  20. Викимедиа РУ
  21. Викимедија Србије
  22. Wikimedia Venezuela
  23. Wikimedia Bangladesh
  24. Wikimedia Australia
  25. Wikimedia Česká republika

Part 2: Statement of support

Part 2, page 1 of the agreement. Signatures blurred.
Part 2, page 2 of the agreement. Signatures blurred.

We, the Wikimedia Chapters signing this statement, support the creation of a Wikimedia Chapters Association. While we feel we might need more time to observe how the Association evolves, we believe it is a step in the right direction and aim at joining it in the future, or support it in other ways.

On behalf of:

  1. Wikimedia Suomi
  2. Wikimedia Hong-Kong
  3. Wikimedia Polska
  4. Wikimedia Sverige
  5. Wikimedia Ukraine
  6. Wikimedia South Africa
  7. Wikimedia Danmark

Berlin, March 31st, 2012

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