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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Chapters Exchange

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This page collects offers of exchanges of support from chapters and other affiliated organisations. The Wikimedia Chapters Association is here to support you and bring together parties to solve specific problems or get certain work done.

To alert our wider community of new requests, please send an email to the wikimedia-l list to encourage volunteers to help with your request.

Knowledge Exchange[edit]

Service Exchange[edit]

These organisations or persons offer help in certain fields. If you are interested in using on of these, please contact them directly.

Name Exchange proposed Contact Person Comments
Wikimedia CH IT support: website hosting,mail hosting, videoconference tools, QRcodes generator (in project) support(_AT_)wikimedia.ch WMCH believes that some cost should be shared between chapters and not repeated, the support is for all chapters and chapters to be
Wikimedia CH Videoconferencing System for online-meetings:


support(_AT_)wikimedia.ch Can be used freely. Just click "Start a Meeting".
Wikimedia UA Offer experience in organizing wikiexpeditions, article-writing contests, Wiki loves Earth contest and organizing music concerts projects. All these projects could be international. A1, board(_AT_)wikimediaukraine.org.ua
Wikimedia LGBT There is a need for more case studies for LGBT related outreach, project events and surveys. We offer support by in exchange for sharing and creating good practice. If your chapter or region has not thought about a commitment of support of your LGBT volunteers and communities, or you would like to find out more about planning outreach to minority groups including LGBT, then this thematic organisation can help you with ideas, review and contacts in professional organizations. Fae, faewik+lgbt(_AT_)gmail.com A set of case studies will help all groups with future funding, and provide easy to find evidence of our movement assuring diversity.
Tomer A. Offer: review of requests and reports (grants, FDC) before they are submitted to the WMF tomer@wikimedia.org.il
Name Exchange Contact Person Comments

Peer review[edit]

These organisations or persons offer or are seeking for peer review.

Name Peer reviewed or reviewer? Contact Person or email Comments (live or remote peer review)
Charles Andrès Reviewer charles(_AT_)wikimedia.ch remote
Fae Reviewer Fae I would like a chapter present at Milan to join me this afternoon (21 April) to start a peer review that we can finish and write up in a couple of weeks.
  • Outcome: Did not happen on the day, but the WMAT peer review was discussed and arranged
Wikimedia Österreich to be reviewed Manuel Schneider on site in Vienna or remote.
[Fae is in on holiday in Vienna on 4th May and we may be able to arrange a couple of hours to support a review.]
  • Outcome: Success! Peer review meeting held in Vienna, in the process of being written up and agreed. A positive experience all round.
Wikimedia Eesti Reviewer Oop We have agreed to review Wikimedia Nederland. There has also been interest by two other chapters.
Name role Contact Person Comments

Successful exchange[edit]

You can list here examples of successful exchange, and/or by contributing to the WCA journal.

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