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The first meeting of the Wikimedia Chapters Association took place in Washington DC on 10th and 11th July 2012, during Wikimania.

The WCA is intended to serve as a central organisation for all Wikimedia Chapters that join. Its role is to increase cooperation between Chapters. It was officially established during the meeting when 18 attendees, appointed by their various chapters, were in attendance. This met a requirement established as a part of the Berlin Agreement, the document that proposed the formation of the WCA.

Among the first actions taken by the WCA was the election of the Chair and Deputy Chair. Ashley van Haeften from Wikimedia UK was elected Chair while the Deputy Chair is Ziko van Dijk from Wikimedia Nederlands. The rest of the meeting was concerned with establishing the governance of the group, including about the proposed role of Secretary General.

You can read the full minutes of the meeting here. The date of the next meeting has not yet been decided but will be publicised soon.