Wikimedia Community User Group Albania/December Meetup 2018

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During the second day of Wiki Weekend 2018 on 9th of December, we discussed about projects for the 2019.


  • Division of the works for members will be as we decided on June meeting.
  • We will update our meta page for user group, to have more clear what does it mean to be a member in our UG and how someone can join us.
  • Meetings will be held once in a month.
  • We will continue to publish our notes on our meta page.


  • Memorandum of collaboration with National Film Center is ongoing and will be signed soon.
  • We will try to establish other collaborations with GLAM institutions in Albania.
  • Sidorela & Redon will work to create a form in albanian wikipedia for all the institutions that will want to collaborate with us, as a way to get in touch.
  • Activities for Code4Culture will continue during 2019.
  • More activites for Wiki in Education. A detailed work plan later.

SQ Wikipedia Banners[edit]

  • forme aplikimi per institucionet publike
  • Code4Culture: WikiFilmat

Upcomming events in Albania[edit]

  • Wiki Weekend 2019
  • OSCAL 2019 - Apply with booth, workshop and presantations

Global/Regional events[edit]

  • Wikimania
  • CEE meeting 2019
  • Wikimedia+Education conference

UG Annual report & grants[edit]

  • We have to work on our annual report as a UG. Deadlines to be checked.
  • Review ongoing grant applications
  • Application for annual grant in may

Collaboration with other communities[edit]

It is very important to establish good relationships and partnership with other user groups, chapters or communities in order to improve Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects.