Wikimedia Community User Group Albania/December Meetup 2021

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On 13th of Decmber the community had a meeting to discuss about incoming activities and plans.



  • New board and contact points
  • Finished projects for 2021
  • Plans for Q1 2022

New board and contact points[edit]

We meet with active members of the community and we decided to change the board and the contact points. Previous board members were Nafie Shehu, Silva Arapi and Redon Skikuli, with Silva and Nafie as contact points. We decided in unanimity for the new board members to be Aulona Koliçaj, Jora Kasapi and Redon Skikuli, with Aulona and Jora as the new contact points. This decision will be communicated to Wikimedia from Silva and Nafie.

Finished projects for 2021[edit]

[On August 2021]( we asked for the opportunity to use the unspent amount from a previous project to implement a new project. We did five series of activities titled "Preserving Tirana in Wikimedia". This request was approved. All the events were implemented successfully. The narrative for the the project implementation is in this pad [here]( This should be used to fill the report for the grant.

Plans for Q1 2022[edit]

  • Event with SCIDev in February 2022, we decided not to do is as a user group to avoid any misunderstanding with the other UG for the topic of gender in Wikimedia.
  • New collaboration with 'Pika pa siperfaqe' publishing. Will start the conversation mid January. The entity is added also in the spreadsheet for partnerships.
  • New collaboration with Institute of Cultural Anthropology and the Study of Art is expected to happen in first Q1 of 2022.
  • 18 Janar @18:30 we will host Wikimedia Open Day, to invite new people that would like to join with the community.