Wikimedia Community User Group Albania/June Meetup 2018

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On 20 june 2018 was held the first meetup for Wikimedia Community User Group Albania after the approval date as an offical user group on 13 may 2018. The meeting was at Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana.



Future Events[edit]

User group members are planning their activities until the end of the year.

  • Wiki Weekend on 1-2 December 2018. Nelymar has to publish the dates for the activity. For the second day on 2 December is planned an user group meeting for the next year activities.
  • Until september we will try to negotiate with institucions for possible collaborations for GLAM activities. For this a memorandum of cooperation is needed.
  • Collaboration with museums will focus on documenting artifacts and objects they have, work that will be done mainly by members of the user group. Meanwhile with Wiki in Education will focus and new participants by adding new editors in Albanian wikipedia.
  • Application for Code Week. Collaboration with Hermann Gmeiner school, where Wiki Weekend Tirana 2016 was held.

Work management[edit]

  • Sido uku will document all group member meetings, update the meta page after all the activities and publish news on social networks.
  • Nafie shehu, Augesti and Leeturtle will negotiate with institutions for future collaborations.
  • Silva.1994 and Nafie shehu will do research for wikimedia grants, if we are eligible to apply for an annual grant.
  • Meriboo will work on social media.

Projects in collaboration with institutions[edit]

  • Museum of Korça - Qrpedia articles printed. Augesti, Nafie shehu, Meriboo will take care for the activity. They to print the materials, check them to ensure their accuracy, press release and documentation for the process, finances for the projekt, placement of the materials at the museum, report for the activity. This has a deadline until 15 september 2018.
  • National Film Center - Leeturtle and Nafie shehu will work for a possible collaboration with them until 30th July 2018.
  • Municipality of Tirana - Leeturtle and Nafie shehu will work for a possible collaboration until 30th of October 2018.
  • next

Collaboration with other User Groups[edit]

  • Will have a collaboration with UG Greece to edit relevant cultural articles in native language.
  • Possible collaboration with Wikimedia Italia in the future.

Transparency in decision-making[edit]

The meetings and decisions will be documented on our meta page.

User group infrastructure[edit]

  • Sido uku will look where to host our mailing list.
  • Leeturtle will contact Wikimedia for logo confirmation.

User group regulation[edit]

We need a regulation how our user group function.